Friday, February 6, 2009

Creating Drama

Got call from ex last night. S misses me. Sweet or ulterior motive? Said he wanted to cuddle. Am thinking S is in hyper romance mode and mildly delusional. Explained mail carrier at office provides more than required stimulus. Johnson provides the rest. Don't disillusion him.

Spent morning yesterday watching Telemundo from YouTube. Must commend actors for over-indulgence in drama. Ovation in order.

Note to self: "Mia, at work today, find reasons for extreme facial expressions and frequent forehead slapping. Tears never go amiss."


Bronwyn Green said...

Foolish, foolish S. Shoulda realized what he had when he had it.

Mia Watts said...

Hello, Ms. Green. Fancy finding you here. Have discovered co-authors likely to visit blog when in antho together. Ms. Paulin visited earlier as well. Perhaps Green and Paulin are one in same?

Edmee said...

Oh my, would you mind telling me who is S and Johnson? I am planning to read your blog, so i want to know more..... :D

Are they potential Mr.Bigs?

Edmee said...

YAY! I found out how to comment with my name on the headline! *super happy*

Mia Watts said...

S is my ex. Johnson is wobbly bits neighbor who vacuums without clothing. Mr.Big is unknown to me.

Edmee said...

LOL. btw how did you know that? Did he tell you or he leave the curtains open? :D

Abour Mr.Big, i made a little Sex and the City reference.