Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday. What's to say.

Recorded Comedy Central last night for Saturday morning viewing. Rough jokes with hot coffee. Could not imagine better start. Am most taken with Demetri Martin but Sklar brothers not as entertaining. Am pleased to announce only almost spewed coffee twice in laughter.

Note to self: "Mia, consider recording porn. Grunts and bits would be most amusing over coffee and Cheerios."


Brynn Paulin said...

The Winchester brothers from Supernatural are pretty good over coffee.

J said...

Love the Supernatural. Love the Demetri Martin as well.

wv: forry
Saying "sorry" with a mouthful of novacaine.

formerly fun said...

Dimitri Martin is a comedy stud. If I was to go 'cougar' on anyone, it would be him. I'm only 35 but I think he's like 20?

Mia Watts said...

Be warned, ff, DM may sketch necessary appendages for "bed bit". Would be amusing. Can see hips thrust to sketch pad with cartoon schlong. Perhaps a flower sprouting from tip?