Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Bad Mia

Prepared orientation for new hires. Will dress reminiscent of dominatrix. Mostly black with touches of red. Don't have riding crop yet. Shall improvise with expandable metal pointer. Believe I shall implement a "Yes, ma'am" regime.

Note to self: "Mia, remember to slap metal pointer on training tables regularly for effect."


J said...

Perhaps a Cat-o-nine-tails might be more in order?

wv: flesiz
flea size
reeses pieces
flea says she says

Mia Watts said...

Was unable to stop by sex shop on way to work. Would have expected them to be open considering hours of typical client, by which I refer to stripper boots and neighborhood. Am proof that even the wicked must rest, suspect.

Hires quietly tapping at computer banks. I sense two are terrified so far. Must work harder to achieve my goal.