Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a coattail rider. After all the times I've accused others of getting where they got by following in the wake of others, it appears I have to eat my words.


A chapter friend is helping me get into three different publishing houses. Part of the reason is my studious application of guilt. We were co-writing and she's pulling out of the project. Kind of pissed me off since she's published and can get other work put out there, but the m/m aspect of the joint work made her squeamish. She's also relinquished all rights to it and isn't asking for any credit in the outline or the written pages of which there are 79.

Coattails. I intend to use guilt to my greatest asset in getting published. She is susceptible, fortunately, and now I have three publishers on the line. Here's to a well-placed guilt trip.

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