Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I haz a blogger

Wow, blogger, you're really developing aren't you? I now have the option of seeing how many page views I get and where the majority of my audience comes from, without a bot hidden on my blog. Which is awesome because I quit using the bot over a year ago when I forgot the password. I suck at passwords.

My traffic comes mostly from the United States. My biggest viewer? Alaska.


*blink*  *blink*

Looks like I need to start blogging more. Poor Alaska is holding up the weight of my page views at the moment. Although, YAY ALASKA! Because y'all are either reeeeally bored or my post on Spartacus many many moons ago is fascinating. So fascinating I have no idea what it's about because I can't remember. But still, YAY ALASKA!

So I've got some good news.

My book Acting Out about a Hollywood super star falling in love with an ordinary dude from Indiana hits the Amber Allure dot come (ooo! Unintentional pun. I'm so leaving it.) release shelves on September 11th. May it distract you from other sad memories that day. Pick up a book and read about man lurve instead.

My third book in the "Balls" series (and if you ask me, funnier and better than the second Balls book), also the Handcuffs and Lace series, is releasing on September 21st at Resplendence Publishing dot com. This one's about a civilian trying to catch the attention of a very hot neighborhood patrolman, using every trick in the book he can think of. The last sex scene gets "nasty" (pronounced: NASSSSSTEH for the dirty boy sex going on in there. Here's a hint: Handcuffs).

I also received word that my super short, Good Will Shopping, was accepted by ManLove Romances dot com and is for their holiday release parade. Mine's about Black Friday and all the kink that actually goes on behind the scenes when one man has a toy *ahem* that another man wants in his basket *ahem*. I don't usually do reunion books, so this was new but fun for me. Also, this book would release on, you guessed it, Black Friday in November.

And finally, on a personal note:
I have a new neighbor. I think I must have a superpower of attraction or something because there's no other way to explain the number of dates I've had this month. It baffles. It truly baffles. I keep expecting someone to yell, "psych!". My new neighbor has been texting up a storm with me and asked me to come talk with him outside last night. I did and we had two plus hours of conversation where he hinted about dating me, but never said the words.

Oh, he asked me out, sure, but that was earlier via text. In person it was all, "I've always wanted to date the girl next door" *chuckle*. Or, "I know a lot of great necking places on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron." *sidelong glance* and "I'm tired of dating. I just want to be in a relationship with someone close by. Someone I can come see in the middle of the day."

If he thought I was going to throw myself down and say, "Me me me!" he's mistaken. He's cute. He's younger (does four years difference make me a cougar? Is there an age requirement to cougar someone?) and not at all as juvenile as I originally thought. He's also possibly shier than I am face to face. Hm.

So my kids are in school. It's not yet 8am and this is the second day of blogging in a row. I'm on a freakin' roll, man! Talk to me, y'all. How's your week going?


Bronwyn Green said...

The Force is strong with the young padawan, Mia Watts.

Let us pray she uses her powers for good.


Molly Daniels said...

Congrats on the good news! And yes, you may have to do some encouraging....;)

Blogger said...

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