Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Policeman's Balls

Yeah, I know I just had a book come out (Acting Out, AmberAllure.com), but I actually have another book coming out this month. So definitely go buy Acting Out (please) and then get all excited about The Policeman's Balls, Resplendence (because I am and soooo want you to be too).

Here, I'll even blow up the cover so you can look and drool along with me. (Resplendence release, September 21st)


Brian McCray can’t believe his bad luck in getting caught by the police for breaking into his own home—until he sees the cop in question. Now all he wants to do is catch the sexy protector of the peace and give him some piece…of ass.
Officer Joshua Severn has to admit that Brian is attention grabbing. Brian’s also going to rack up a lot of tickets if he doesn’t stop inventing reasons to see Josh. Then one night a kiss sparks something Josh wants to explore, unfortunately so does Internal Affairs when it’s caught on cruiser cam.
What began as a little play has turned into something loaded, and Officer Severn is more than prepared to fire his weapon.


Brian McCray shoved his shoulder against the front door of his duplex. Again? He’d locked himself out of the house, again? He thought back. He remembered locking the door handle with a quick, practiced twist when his friend Tyler had picked him up for the movie. Tyler had since driven off with no more than a wave from Brian. It had been as the car’s tail lights turned the corner and Brian slipped his hand in his pocket, that he realized he didn’t have his key.
He’d have kicked himself, but he needed a steady foot on the ground and a lot more force to boot his own ass properly. He glanced at his watch. Eleven o’clock in the evening was too late to be knocking on old Mrs. Jackson’s door for the duplicate copy of his key.
Brian blew out a breath and ran a hand through his hair out of pure frustration. The outside security lights hadn’t come on. They wouldn’t either because Brian had been in too big a rush to flip the interior switch to activate the motion sensors.
He had been full of great decisions today. Another one facing him would be where to sleep if he didn’t find a way inside. Brian circled his half of the property, testing the windows. At the side of the house, he gingerly pushed his way between two box hedges, wincing when they scraped him. One branch dug deep, but Brian pressed on until he’d reached the windows. Whose brilliant idea had it been to plant these things with their tri-spikes on the end of each leaf? The association? They’d been there as long as he’d had the townhouse, five years. Damn the gardener who’d put them there.
The window didn’t budge. Brian stepped out of the bushes and walked to the back. He pressed his face to the sliding glass door, looking for a way in, as though the items inside were of use to him.
The soft shuffle of a shoe on grass startled him. Brian whipped around. A brilliant light shot him straight in the eyes.
“Sir, put your hands in the air and identify yourself,” a deep voice barked.
Brian hurried to obey. The light stung his eyes, and he squinted against the unrelenting onslaught of it. “Who are you?” Brian demanded.
“Officer Severn. Care to tell me who you are and why you’re trying to break in to this residence?”
Brian’s shoulders drooped with relief. “Oh, thank God! I locked myself out and I can’t get in.”
“Brian McCray. I live here.”
“May I see your driver’s license, please?”
“Sure.” Brian dropped his hands.
Officer Severn snapped at him to keep his hands in the air where they could remain in view. “Just tell me which pocket it’s in and I’ll get it for you.”
“Back left.” Brian held very still.
The officer drew closer. The light stayed on Brian’s face, blinding him to everything but the hint of broad shoulder and height. The man had four inches on him, easily. The stale scent of dry cleaning solution on his uniform, and fading Polo Black aftershave gave Brian a strange tightening sensation in his gut.
Officer Severn reached around him. Fingers fumbled at Brian’s ass cheek, dipped inside the back pocket and pulled out his wallet. The light made Brian’s eyes water, and the distinctive pre-sneeze tickle had seized the bridge of his nose. Fortunately Officer Severn retreated.
Brian inhaled sharply. His arm darted up to cover his nose and mouth as he sneezed in triplicate.
The cop didn’t flinch. “Bless you, Brian McCray of 5497 Chamblin Path.”
“Thanks,” Brian sniffled. “Officer Severn of Grand Rapids P.D.”

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