Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Writing Mosh Pit

What was I thinking when I said this shit??

So, if you went to the Evo yesterday to check out my post, you'd know that I was trying to figure out the number of books I've completed this year, have committed this year, and am otherwise planning to write this year. Although, I don't think I was quite that clear in my post.

I rarely am when I first wake up and I wrote that as a pre-post when I got up early on Sunday and got pissed that it was still too early to constitute as sleeping in, and then decided to take it out on myself by skipping church (Yes, folks, the manlove erotic romance writer, writer of menage sex does actually go to church and feels guilty when she doesn't. Don't judge me. You'd love my church.)

Since I couldn't exactly remember what I'd done or had planned to do (for I am not Brynn Paulin who is a magic list keeper of all things--though I admit to some envy), I thought I should work it out here. I mean, it's been forever since I updated the sidebars on my blog. Maybe that's something I'll do this week. Hm. I'll probably procrastinate until it no longer seems important. For that is what I do.) ---OHHHH, speaking of Brynn Paulin and sidebars and getting off topic, you MUST go check out her blog HERE, and see her Daly Way, Cruentus Dragons, etc links. She's amazing!

Ok, back to where I was headed before.

This year, I've written:

Boiling Point (m/f Resplendence)
Unchaste (m/m/m Resplendence)
Faking Perfection (m/m Dreamspinner)
Wrong Number, Right Guy (m/m Amber Allure)
Horny, Hard, and Hare-y (m/m/m/m Resplendence)
Hitched (m/f/m Resplendence, June)

I have committed:

Bound by Darkness (m/f Resplendence, July)
Pending Title (m/m Resplendence, August*)
Pending Title (m/m Resplendence, September*)
Pending Title (m/m Dreamspinner*)
Pending Title (m/m Amber Allure*)
Pending Title (m/f Ellora's Cave*)
Twelve Nights (m/f/m Resplendence)
Pending Title (m/m Resplendence*)
Pending Title (m/f Resplendence*)
Pending Title (m/f/m unlisted publisher*)

Huh, I committed to a lot more than I realized. Geesh! Okay those astrisks up there are release dates that are either floating, forgotten, or titles that the publishing company doesn't know I've committed to. If I didn't get to them this year, it wouldn't be horrible. Basically that means if I had to, I could pare down that list from 10 titles to 7). Still. A lot.

The good news is, I'm already working on the EC title and it'll be completed this week.And two of those pending titles are already written, they just need to be revamped before I send them off. So that leaves me in a more manageable place, yes? We'll go with yes before I lose my mind.

All this serves to light a fire under my ass. Must. Go. Write!!


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