Monday, June 13, 2011

My mind is a blocked stream

Well! I got some great news today! Looks like I'm going to be able to go to Romanticon after all! I'm pretty excited about seeing some old friends again, and meeting some new ones. This is on the heels of being about three paragraphs away from a finished manuscript to submit to Ellora's Cave. I know. I said I'd never go there again. Honey, when you need income, you'll admit to any failure in the world. The book I'll be subbing there is a very short Quickie format of about 9k. It's going to be a Katie Blu book m/f read. Think vignette of hot sex, and you have the parameters for what I've written.

Next on my schedule is to update Bound by Darkness, book two of the Darkness series originally started at EC under Mia Watts. This one, book two, will be listed as another co-author with myself book, and I'm reformatting the story a little in order to make it completely standalone. Then I tidy up Staking Their Claim for a publishing house I haven't secured yet.

I'm figuring those three things (the EC, plus those last two) will take me about two weeks all together. Once those are tucked away, I'm working on my next Amber Allure book in the Hollywood series, shortly followed by another DreamSpinner Press Priest series book.

All of these projects are right on top of each other, but I figure there will be a few moments in there where I can possibly whip out another book or two of the Handcuffs type books (think She's Got Balls).

Mostly, this post is to babble to myself so that I can see my plans in writing and be like, oh yeah, that! Welcome to the inner workings of a Mia.


Amber Skyze said...

Here is me stomping up and down because I can't go to RomantiCon this year. I want to meet Mia in person!

Mia Watts said...

Here's me breathing a sigh of relief because I dodged a bullet. Amber Skyze would be soooo unimpressed with Mia in person. :)

Molly Daniels said...

(stomp stomp stomp)


Okay, Molly's finished with her temper tantrum...

I spend two years hoping I can go, even reserve a ROOM, and the year I resign myself to the fact it ain't gonna happen, YOU decided to go!

Come down and kidnap me? PLEASE????

Mia Watts said...

LOL! Ah hon, keep trying. As long as there's an AAD I'm going to try to attend. As long as RomantiCon is accessible, I will also try to attend.