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Okay, my lovelies, I was supposed to post an excerpt last Friday because one of my favorite people had two releases this month. Unfortunately, a friend's brother died, and I had to go to her. To make up for not having my stuff pre-posted, I'm going to promote Jambrea Jo Jones (the above mentioned awesome one) all week long!!!
You won't be able to get enough of her. If you don't know J3 yet, you're gonna be glad you got to. So without further ado, please welcome Jambrea to the Watts blog!


So, Jambrea, I've kind of known you or known about you for a long time. You've just always been a part of the online community. When did you go from reader to writer?

Well…I eased into it with reviewing for Joyfully Reviewed. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and just…lost my way for a while. Finally started on the reviewing and said…now is the time. I want to write. And I did it. Just sat down and finished a story. That was around the end of 2007 the beginning of 2008.

A lot of authors pick a genre to write in, or change pen names when they switch to another, but you chose not to. What made you decide to keep all your titles under one name?

Because I like my name and my web slogan is Love is Love, No Matter the Gender. I totally feel that way. So why try to keep up with different names. Heck, it’s hard enough to remember my own most days. Lol I think the ONLY way I would go with a pen is if I did something with no romance. Like—strictly horror or something. And then I’d probably just go with J.J. Jones. So it’s still me, but people could know that those books were NOT romance.

And I have to ask, because I know this is what people are wondering too: Is Jambrea Jo Jones your real name? Is there a story behind it?

Yes. My birth certificate says Jambrea Jo Jones. :) My mother made my name up. Her story is that when she was younger, she and her cousin were thinking up names for cats. She came up with Jambrea and said if she ever had a daughter that is what she would name her. And no…they didn’t name the cat that. lol And going back to the pen name question – when born with a name like Jambrea you HAVE to use it! Lol There is actually one other Jambrea Jones. But she goes by Jamie. Of course she recently got married and is now Johnson. I should probably apologies to her. Lol Her friends probably ask her all kinds of questions if my name pops up instead of hers! ROFL!

You have a lot of books out. Where do you publish and are you thinking of expanding that anytime soon?

My main publisher is Total e Bound. I love them and how they treat their authors. It is just a really great company to work for. I have been published with Freya’s Bower, eXtasy and Liquid Silver. But most of my recent work goes to Total e Bound. I am also published with Ellora’s Cave. If I’m not sending stuff to TeB I’ll be sending it to EC. I have a couple publishers that I have thought about. MLR and Dreamspinner because they are only m/m romance as well as Resplendence. I believe you are published with them as well as a few other authors I know and I’ve heard great things. But like I said, most of my new stuff goes to TeB. :)

What do your friends and family think of your writing?

My parents are very proud. So are my friends. J I don’t hide what I write. I’m pretty open about it. I know some authors can’t be, but I’m just Jambrea and this is who I am. So far people have been very accepting of me.

You had two releases this month (readers, see tomorrow's post). That's amazing, so first, congratulations on that! Secondly, is this a trend you'll continue?

Thank you! Well—I’m hoping for at least one a month. At least for a bit. We’ll see how scheduling goes.

Tell us a little about the process behind today's release.

Salvation was a little different for me because it was my first ménage. And I knew going into it that it would be m/m/f. Because my men have to touch if they are going to be in a sexual situation together. For me—it just seems natural that all parties be in on the action. I would find it hard not to be jealous if one person was the center and the two others focused on them. I mean—really—think about it. The one guy would be wondering if the girl liked him the best. They would be comparing each other and such. When you have three people—I think the relationship has to be equal and that is what I went for. Each person brought something to the table.

I was nervous about writing this as a ménage because the first book in the series is m/m. I know there are m/m fans out there who don’t like the female bits. But the thing was, in Retribution Se is a big characters. She had a thing for Rock. People who’ve read Retribution knew Rock liked men. But it was hinted that he might go both ways. I loved the character of Se. She is a very strong woman. But she is a LOT like Rock in many aspects. They needed someone to tie them together and then entered Zander. He was perfect for them both and he NEEDED them both to be whole.

So one of the things I did for this story was write it in 3 POVs and it isn’t the 3 you’d think it would be. Lol It is in Zander, Rock and the bad guys POV. Se is still VERY much there, but you see her through the guys’ eyes. I think she comes through just as strong. I decided to write it this way because—well—I love the bad guys POV and I figured this was a way to make it feel more m/m for those who read the first. BUT—it is very much and equal ménage.
So I guess you could say a lot of thought went into it. The main hurtle was adding Se’s POV or not. And I know that I don’t like to read ménages just because of sex so I had to have a really good reason why these three would end up together. I want there to be more behind it, especially if it is a committed ménage. Not—oh there are three people let’s make them have sex—just because. Lol Their personalities had to click. Okay—I’ll stop now. lol

What's next? Do you have projects and release dates in the works? What can we expect from Jambrea over the next year?

Well I have a nice writing schedule I’m trying to keep up with. My next releases will be my Seeds of Dawn series. This is an m/f shifter series. The first story was released in an Anthology from Total e Bound. The story is called Dreams. That one is available now. In July you can get book 2, Secrets and in August you can get book 3, Inequities. I have both of them up on my website under coming soon. I’m working on book 4, Origins, and 5, Redemption, in this series now. I did introduce two gay characters in Inequities. Their story will be told in Redemption alongside an m/f couple so it will be a twofer.

I also have a BDSM series started. It all takes place in a club. The series is the clubs name. Dark Encounters. The first title is Dominate Me. It is an m/f. The cool thing about this series is they will all be quickies. TeB Lust Bites. And they will be all combinations, the tie in is the club. I have an m/m, an m/m/m and f/f and more m/f stories that I want to do. So it really does go back to my slogan. Love is Love, No Matter the Gender. J Dominate Me will be out later this year. I’m not sure when. I do try to keep my website updated.

I am also moving my Semper Fi series to TeB. I’ll be working on those later this year to complete that series as well as two other in my Alliance series of which Salvation is a part of.
So my schedule is full—trying to keep up with the book a month. 

Is there anything else you'd like your readers to know?

Just that I love interacting with people on line. What you see is what you get with me. For the most part. Um—I am shy at first in person meeting. Mia can attest to that. lol Feel free to email me at any time, I try to answer all emails. I am, after all, addicted to the internet and my email. heehee

Where can you be found on the web?  - My yahoo group I share with a few other authors.  I blog here with a group of authors
And I’m in TONS of yahoo groups.

Just for fun:

Coffee or Tea? Um…Tea if forced to choose. I’d rather have a diet Dr. Pepper or diet Coke.
Chocolate or Chips? Ohhh…that is HARD. Chips.
Rain or Snow? Rain—as long as it’s warm.
Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke; Regular Pepsi. Cannot be the other way around.
Football or Baseball? Ugh…Football—but only the Super Bowl. lol
Currently reading? Just finished James Buchanan’s Taking the Odds Series about Brandon and Nicky. Three books. Chating Chance, Inland Empiresm & All or Nothing. GREAT m/m suspense series. Loved them.

Jambrea, thank you so much for taking the time to visit here today. Best of luck and many sales as you continue to wow audiences with your work. :)

Thank you Mia for interviewing me! It was fun!!!  J


Jambrea said...

I am VERY sorry to hear about your friends brother. (((hugs)))

And thank you! Just so you're one of my favorite people too! :)

Harlie Reader said...

Hi JJJ!!!! Great interview and don't you just love Mia! Many sales this week.

Harlie Reader said...

Hi Mia! Great interview!

Jambrea said...

Harlie Reader...I DO love Mia. She is totally rockin'. :) Thanks!!! :)

C. Zampa said...

Congratulations, Jambrea Jo!

Love your interview! Keep up the wonderful writing, lady!

Love and hugs!

Jambrea said...

Thank you Carol!!! :)

Amber Skyze said...

I love your name Jambrea! Great interview.

Sorry about your friend's brother, Mia. Hugs.

Billi said...

Jambrea! You are smoking up the writing. Great interview. Can't wait to read more of Se's story. And yeah, I hear you on the Diet Coke, regular Pepsi!


billi jean

Jambrea said...

Thanks Amber and Billi!!! :)

Mia Watts said...

Hi Harlie! I love Jambrea. She's just so awesome and exactly like she seems in person too. Thank you for stopping by!!

Mia Watts said...

@Jambrea, she's doing okay. I think she just needed to forget. :) Thanks for understanding.

Mia Watts said...

Thanks Amber.

Thank you all for stopping by to offer Jambrea support on her release day. I'm posting an excerpt tomorrow.

Cherie Noel said...

@Mia-love your writing lady!! And as of today, love your blog as well.
@Jambie Jo-You are all that is awesome and a bag of chips...barbeque, in honor of Patric. LOL. Very interesting interview and I look forward to catching up on my Jambie Jo reading soon.

Jambrea said...

Awww...thanks Cherie!! :) You're pretty awesome yourself. :)

Eden Bradley said...

Jambrea-I love this book cover, and the book sounds awesome! I have a hard time writing menage without everyone being equally involved, too-it just doesn't make sense to me any other way.
Wishing you many book sales, and many happy readers!
Eden/Eve :)

Jambrea said...

Thank you Eden! has to be even. I really can't see it any other way. Not that I haven't read some great books that the same sex doesn't touch and it is all about the person in the middle...for doesn't seem fair. lol I always feel that one person is being slighted.

Susan said...

I too love menage books where everyone is invloved! Can't wait to read this one!! :)

Jambrea said...

Thanks Susan!!! :)I hope you like it!!! :)

Mia Watts said...

Hey, Cherie!! Thank you! So glad you're here.

Isn't Jambrea just the bestest?! Seriously, she's so awesome and genuine. :)

Kim said...

Just got home and read the interview - great job ladies! Now I'm off to get Salvation!!!! Hope you had a great release day!

Jambrea said...

Thanks Mia! You're making me blush. lol

Kim-it has been a great day. Thanks!! :) I hope you enjoy it Kim.

Mia Watts said...

Thanks Kim!

You're welcome Jambrea. It's been so much fun having you here. Thank goodness for you being here all week.

Susan said...

I love me some Jambrea Jo Jones! Thanks for the great interview Mia, I'm looking forward to the rest of the J3 week!

My sympathy to your friend.

Jambrea said...

Thanks Susan!!! :)

Bronwyn Green said...

Great interview and for the record, I LOVE your name! :D And huge congrats on the new release, you rock, Little Missy!!! :D

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