Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi, Luke. It's me, Mia.

This is what I posted on the Evo blog this week, in case you missed it. The topic of the week is "The man or men that got away."

There is only one luscious piece of man that ever got away from me. Maybe that's the reason he's still sitting in my head waiting to be used as a hero someday. His name was Luke. Luke was quiet, but principled and he had a killer smile. I don't think he worked out, but he looked like he did. Broad shoulders, lean body, long legs, and all perfectly put together.

I don't generally go for redheads, but I suppose Luke was more Strawberry blonde than anything. Kind of like Prince Harry hair and just about as thick. Luke kept his hair trimmed and neat. He liked wearing worn jeans and almost always wore a button down dress shirt with a white undershirt peeking at the open neck. His sleeves would be rolled up, and he wore a belt. His tennis shoes were scuffed but clean and he had a thick banded leather watch. I remember looking at it and thinking how sexy his wrists were because the watch band seemed to emphasize the thickness of his wrists, his long fingers and broad palms.

Luke had a cloudy mixture of blue-green eyes and at his height somewhere over six foot two, he had this way of looking down at me that could melt my insides. I think it was the shy grin and the slight head tilt. But I was shy too. We were in a couple of college groups together and his fraternity was the brother fraternity of my sorority.

He sang and his rich baritone filled the room, and when he played guitar, everyone went silent as we watched his bowed head, listened to his gentle voice perfectly carry the melody. I don't know a single woman who didn't sigh when he was around.

Once, I challenged myself to hold eye contact with him through a whole conversation. That's not an easy thing for me, and I knew I was blushing, but so was he. His warm smile seemed to encourage it. Another girl interrupted us, and I paused in my talking to let him answer her. He didn't seem to want to answer her, but did out of politeness. Then he put his large, warm hand on my arm, apologized because he had to leave, and said, "It was great talking to you. Can we talk some more later?"

Of course I agreed, but later never came. The week after that we had exams and I was committed to some sorority events for community service. I had a formal and met my ex husband. I was too insecure to think I stood a chance with Luke and by the time I saw him again, he was dating another girl.

The last time I saw him, I was sitting in the cafeteria by the windows that looked into the student union. Luke was leaning against the wall, and my friend told me he'd broken up with that other girl. By this time I was dating my ex. The person Luke had been talking to wandered off. His head turned and he saw me. Luke smiled, put his hands in his pockets and mouthed a "hi". I smiled back, thinking about the chance I missed. I wondered if I still had that chance if I were free again, but I was dating this other guy and I liked him.

My friend asked me a question. I answered her. By the time I looked back, Luke was gone.

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Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Wow. The story sort of blows me away. Luke does need to be in a book.

Rassles said...

Yeah, I don't really have one that got away. I just have friends.

Mia Watts said...

Julia, I intend for him to be. Several years ago, I created an interview with him, albeit with less shyness, as a blog post. In that dream/interview, he was Seth. :)

Rassles, I think they would be friends of mine if I ever stayed in one State. I move around a lot and it becomes very easy to let people go.

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