Monday, April 11, 2011


My awesome editor at Resplendence gave me some extra time and I managed to finish up Horny, Hard, and Hare-y, this weekend. That's my second book for the Phases anthology, where every book is super hot, menage, and shape shifter. In this one of mine, there are four guys. Horny refers to the Great Horned Owl shifter, Gibbs. Hard, is the tortoise shifter, Duncan, and Charlie is the Hare. Yes, there is a tortoise and hare race in the book. How could I resist?

Besides, what's more fun that some unconventional shape shifters and having them run into a Department of Natural Resources officer. Yikes!

Now that it's finished, I have some polishing to do on Staking Their Claim before I submit it (hopefully, later this week), I begin writing Hitched (menage, Faerily Imperfect series final book with Willow), and I'll be working on a very short Katie Blu book for Ellora's Cave (I hope).

I discovered that while I love word-warring with my buds on twitter everyday, I'm writing too fast to let the plot develop properly. As a result, I nearly double my time by finishing it and then doing major revisions to the manuscript. This week, I'm trying something new. This week, I'm going to work on two books, the Quickie and Hitched. I figure it'll give my subconscious time to work out the kinks before I commit to writing on a particular project. Like giving me a brain-break, without losing any quality writing time. This will be the first week of that. I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Oh yeah, and today the weather is so pleasantly cool, that I think I'll open up the windows and do some house cleaning. Perhaps that will work out some creative cobwebs too.

Happy week, everyone! And a very happy birthday to Regina Carlysle, this past Saturday.



Chris said...

I've been a spring cleaning fiend... but there's still so much to do...

Happy writing!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Busy busy girl!

Rassles said...

I am still just shocked you've got so much writing inside you.