Monday, April 18, 2011

Rehashing the Twit

When I'm looking for a laugh, I visit TheBloggess. The past week, she posted a link to a twitter scrambler ( Basically, you go to the site, put in your username and it rehashes all your tweets to predict what you might tweet about next.

I highly recommend going there. zOMG, so funny! Here are some of mine...

"And I could start rumors! DAMNIT Andy Rooney, you deliver editing advice?"

"You are edge-less You're not a max donation of awesome."

"Oh geez, lemme know? I even grilled spiders"


"That's one of awesome. Yayyyyy! I'd rather go off for you!"

"I'm gonna clean out for fun. And you sniffing plastic, Jen? Classic Jen all jealous. LOL."

"Out loud Conversation about legos. WTF? Ugh."

"By itself, butter's fine. My brain is a damn rainbow, people."

"What video? I just wrong. I'm writing anyway. LOL LOL!!! That's called mockery, woman. MOCKERY!"

"And shaving my 100th follower! I need her otherwise, I'm dumb."

"It involves plucking my legs."

"OMG SEX! I wouldn't want to get me killed"


"Shhhhhiiiiiiit. OMG!!! I also cleaned my fave. Or maybe all night. AWWWWWWW!!!!! That's cute."

"I have something similar now. : My brain is pissing me too. I added pepper"

"Also, proponent of bacon. Carbs are inyourface."

"She's very creative. Since you're having dinner and flooding in moderation and I'm so thrilled it!"

"DUDE! F*cking wake up here? They'll take YOUR fun away from last week."

"Congratulations!!! Yep. Heard of importantly, that smut, are printed clearly on the story: Snack on that!"

"OMG, my first bite of butter coated with whole chicken. Thoughts?"

"Yepper. She's very creative. Since you're way, although I got bitten by myself. Sweet!"

"Hey, it's not a long way to breathe on my best moment: Another writer LOVES me."

"Just what I thought, You have vaginal secretions. Polish the effort."

And that's where I end folks, because who can top polished vaginal secretions?! Have a great Monday.  Hopefully, it started off with a laugh.


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