Monday, March 21, 2011


So, I'm still working on the ending of that Menage I'm writing. I found a title. Finally. It'll be called Staking Their Claim and will be written under the pen name Katie Blu. I'm subbing this one to a new publisher. Cross your fingers. And no, Mia fans, there is not interplay between the men because Katie will rarely do that.

I'm expecting to start Horny, Hard, and Hare-y later this week, for May 3rd release date from Resplendence.

I have a release on Wednesday the 23rd of March. It's Faking Perfection, from my new publisher DreamSpinner Press. It's a male/male priest book. I'm thinkin' y'all are gonna like this one.

I have another release on Sunday, March 27th. That will be Wrong Number, Right Guy. Another male/male book, this one from Amber Allure. This one is about what happens when a wrong number gets the private line of a Hollywood movie star.

Then I plan on writing a Quickie for Ellora's Cave as Katie Blu. I haven't decided if it's menage-y or not. I don't even know if they'll take it. You see, I said a lot of things last year and the year before and now I'm sucking down my pride. They've been gracious enough to allow me to continue subbing. With restrictions, but hey, I expected that. I screwed up and I'm not ashamed to say it publicly.

In additional news, you all know I write for Writer's Evolution on Tuesdays. Well, I have been invited to join the Three Wicked Writers team beginning in April. They have a considerable following, and a readers yahoo loop. I'm pretty excited about it and completely flattered to have been asked. I'll set you up with links as we get closer to time.

Other than that? Nothin' much happening. :D

Happy Monday, everyone. May your reading go uninterrupted, and my your writing be inspired!


Amber Skyze said...

Looking forward to reading your blog over at the Three Wicked Writers and your Katie Blu book.

Chris said...

Busy busy busy you!