Monday, March 14, 2011

Updates Et Al

I'm determined to create another comic for y'all later this week. I just have to get through this pay-cycle first. Incidentally, that's the 15th. Tomorrow, I'm blogging at Writer's Evolution about all the words that make me squiggy in romance. Turns out, there were some surprises.

So, I hereby promise to do a comic this week. I have just the incident in mind. Or two. LOL.

1. Suki is still sick and still on medication at the Humane Society. After the untimely passing of kitten six, and Bedlam, the others are doing well. They are looking for a different foster family as my nieces didn't take the loss well. I need to think of them, and perhaps in a couple of weeks, we'll foster again.

The HS tells me that Suki's problems and the deaths are not common experiences. We just had a rough start. If the girls are up to it, I'll adopt another momma kitten. However, this time, I'm gonna insist she's a Calico. I want to adopt two kitteny Calicos, so that there will be a Calico Mafia at my house.

2. Unchaste, M/M/M shapeshifter, paranormal, erotic, menage, time travel is out now at Resplendence. Hardest book I ever wrote, but one my editor adores above all my other stuff.

3. March 23rd is the Release date for Faking Perfection at DreamSpinner Press. Follow the link to see the info. And here is the Sexo-fabulistic cover art. Hot, right? I love this cover.

4. March 27th is the release date for Wrong Number, Right Guy at Amber Allure. You can follow this link to the site. I'll update more info as I receive it. I'm currently working on the galleys of this book.

March has been a busy, but eventful month. Have a great day, everyone!


Chris said...

And the faking perfection contest kicks off in about 5 hours. :)

Wow, all calicos?! I can hear the smackdowns...

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