Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unchaste Releases today!

Post and Book dedicated to Amanda P Wright. Thank you for your support. Your words of encouragement these last few weeks have not only lifted my spirits, but kept me trucking. Thank you for reminding me why I write, and thank you for loving what I love to do. :)

It has been a few months since I had a release, but I'm happy to announce that around noon EST today, my new book Unchaste releases from Resplendence!!


The mystical Portal of the Gods transports Flynn Chula, shifter and descendant of the Cahokia Indians, six hundred years in the past.  Right into a tribal feud between Amaro and Koda, warriors of the empire. While Flynn finds his new circumstances impossible, Amaro and Koda know exactly what to do. Their culture dictates that shifters have to be tested, proving their place among the people--as priests. Only one high priest can rule the empire at a time, but the current apprentice reigns with blood sacrifice and fear.

As the sexual preparations begin, Koda and Amaro do their duty to rid him of any possible heterosexual giving themselves to him wholly. Flynn, who's never wanted a woman in his life, can't believe his luck. Two hunky men can't get enough of him, and their eager to learn all the tricks.
When the blood priest discovers the plot to overthrow him, will Flynn, Koda, and Amaro escape alive, or will more than blood be lost on the altar?

Amaro looked down at his palm, then at Flynn’s chest. His nose wrinkled and he brushed his fingers over the dusting of dark auburn curls across Flynn’s pecs and down his stomach.
Flynn grabbed his wrist. “Mind your manners, buddy. You’re sexy as hell, but I don’t find the prospect of confinement to be a turn on. That’s what you plan on doing right? Until this indigenous final exam is finished?”
“He has hair everywhere,” Amaro said to Koda out of the side of his mouth.
“He’s blessed with animal form. It’s natural he’d have aspects of his totem as a man,” Koda answered. “Manaba has body hair, too.”
“Not as much.”
Koda didn’t seem to have an answer for his pal.
Flynn sat up. “It’s been real nice chatting with you boys, but how about I leave you to this, uh, discussion, while I find some clothes and my tour guide?”
“Stay,” Koda commanded.
“I’m not your priest,” Flynn said, heading off the argument before he got going again.
Amaro grunted with annoyance. Roughly, he gripped Flynn’s thigh, pulling it until he’d exposed Flynn’s cock. Then reaching for it, Amaro cupped his balls and gently worked them.
Flynn wasn’t amused. He struggled to backward crawl out of reach, but Koda put a hand on his chest. That warning look and the pissed off one he got from Amaro, kept him still.
To Flynn’s embarrassment, his cock swelled.
Amaro gave a cry of triumph. “You are a priest.”
“It proves you gave me a hard on, not that I’m a priest.” Flynn scrambled away. He got to his feet, ready to bolt, or shift. God, he didn’t want to shift. He was still aching from the last time.
“I don’t know hard on.” Amaro rose too.
Koda followed suit.
Flynn motioned to his semi-erect cock. “Hard on.”
“All priests prefer sex with men. That’s why they require the test of chastity,” Koda offered casually.
“Jesus H. Christ! I’m gay, and while that may indeed be a state of holiness and worthy of almighty praise, my cock gets stiff if a man is messing with it. It’s anatomy, guys. Back the fuck down.”


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