Thursday, March 24, 2011

The New Voodoo

"Nothing good happens after midnight." My mom used to tell me that when I was a kid. I think it was directed at the dating scene because then she could be all like, hey, come home before midnight because your judgment is impaired and all he'll want is sex. Or, maybe it was because my judgment would be impaired and all I'd want is sex. Either way, midnight was voodoo hour.

But that's not where I'm going with this post. I'm going with, it's currently after midnight as I write this. I've just finished catching up on The Bloggess, in particular the Will Wheaton collating paper entries, which are awesome (go, Will Wheaton. I have new respect for you).

I'm not convinced this post has a point. In fact, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I'm just blowing off some steam after a whirlwind day of promoting, and working, and cheerfully announcing to all and sundry that Faking Perfection came out. Guess that means I have to do this again on Sunday when Wrong Number, Right Guy releases. Dunno.

So this is the time of night where I look at the clock and think, "Huh. I could just stay awake another five hours until the alarm goes off and get so much done." But we all know that whatever I got done would look like verbal crap on the page. Or, I could roll around in bed for five hours trying to sleep through the sleet storm outside.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the sleet keeping me up. It's probably the fact that I took a two hour nap yesterday/today/whatever AND had three huge Cokes after midnight. So see? I'd be up peeing anyway, right?


Prolly TMI. Then again Rassles gets away with drunk blogging, and Jenny gets away with stream of consciousness blogging, so why can't I let my fingers do the talking? Right. Talent. And possibly planned distractability, which I don't have, I'm just distractable which is far less amusing this time of the night. By the way, distractable and distractability are not real words apparently. I think they should be added to the dictionary. They totally make sense here.

Going to bed now. Hopefully, the above is not a foreshadowing of my quality of writing tomorrow/today/whatever.



Amber Skyze said...

My mom always told me that too. :)

Congrats on the new release.

Rassles said...

See, your talent lies in sexy boy sex. There you go.

Mia Watts said...

Rassles - I think that's a polite way of saying, this post sucked. LOL.

Amber - Thanks! You too.

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