Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adam Mania

I don't know quite what hit me, but I'm suddenly a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert. Remember my former crush on Liam? I'll display him here, in case you possibly forgot...

Yeah, well, I'm kinda doing that all over Adam right now. My niece says I seem to have a thing for unobtainable men. I think she may have a point. Anyway, I'm now fantasizing about sweet bad boys in black eyeliner and perfect lips. Who sing. *Melt*

Realize that I have no illusions and am fully aware this stage will wear off to simple appreciation. I'm looking forward to that day because there's nothing worse than crushing on someone you can't have. Right? Until then, I have to write because I'm on deadline for, like, tomorrow and I'm not even close to done. I leave you with Adam-ness to pass the time. These are all from the Unplugged thing he did.

Oh, and P.S. If Google alerts somehow notifies his PR person of this post, I formally request serious consideration for Adam to do an Unplugged album. That MTV segment was INSANEly good. I want more. And P.P.S. Adam, if you're at all interested in what I write, I'd be honored to send you a book.

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