Monday, February 21, 2011

Curry Rice Noodles and Asian Meatballs

I haven't done this for a while, and I didn't take pictures this time, sorry. Anyway, I was typing that story last Friday about the missing girl and my dinner, when I decided to post the recipe.

You're gonna need:
1 lb ground pork
6 green/spring onions thinly sliced divided in half
6 small cloves of garlic minced divided in half
2Tbs ginger root puree divided in half
2 Tbs red chili puree divided in half
6 Tbs soy sauce divided in half
1 Tbs of yellow curry powder
Juice of one lemon
1 pkg of Thai rice noodles
Vegetable oil

For the items divided in half, just put half your chop/mince/puree on a plate to the side. You'll need them later to carry the flavor through the two dishes.

In a bowl, mix the pork, garlic, chili, ginger, soy sauce, and spring onions, making sure they are completely homogenized. The pork will be wet. That's okay.

Heat a skillet (I prefer cast iron or wok) with oil (as little or as much as you need. Pork is lean and could stick. Non-stick spray won't work for this, because you need the run off juices later and that will work best with oil).

Roll the pork into small balls. You may want to wet your hands with water to keep the meat from sticking to them. Place the balls in the hot skillet. You'll probably need to do this in two batches.

Carefully turn them to see that they are cooked through. They will have a light crust on them. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 350. When the balls are done, put them in a oven safe, lidded container and place in the oven to continue the slow cooking. This way they are ready when your noodles are, and they don't dry out. Very important.

Now, take your noodles out of the box and put them in a large mixing bowl. Get tap water as hot as it will go and completely cover the noodles with water. After a couple of minutes, you'll need to move them around. I do this every few minutes to make sure they aren't sticking together. You need them submerged like this for 15-17 minutes.

While that is soaking, put more oil, the divided ingredients (except for the soy), and the curry powder in the still hot pan. You don't need to turn it on, if it's the cast iron skillet. Just let the residual heat slow cook and meld the flavors.

Drain the rice well, turn on your skillet burner, drop the noodles in. Drizzle with soy sauce and the lemon juice as the pan reheats. You may need to add more oil or soy sauce if you've been stingy to this point. Toss thoroughly until the noodles have a deep yellow color from the curry powder.

Done! Serve separately or throw the meatballs into the noodles. Super easy, and yummy!


Amber Skyze said...

Sounds yummy. I'll have to try this soon. :)

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Handing this one over to the chef ASAP!