Friday, January 7, 2011

Cool insightful "spreads"

I debated whether or not to post this today, given the recent man-frustration blog post. I think this post will tie them all up and be done with it. Next week I'll move on to other subjects. Besides, I really don't have a gripe about men in general, just one particular man.

I haven't talked about this much, but I have this apparent draw for spirits. I get haunted a lot and things get wonky. There is rarely a day that goes by where something isn't happening. I'm pretty used to it and it doesn't freak me out so much as cause me to roll my eyes and say, "Again? Really?"

Bronwyn knows an intuitive person who does readings. She's very good, very accurate, and super nice. Plus, as she told me in her own words, she uses her brains to put the pieces together. Which I totally appreciate because then she's not saying "Oooooo.... I have magical powers to awe and sparkle.... oooooooo!" No, she's saying, she intuits stuff in an extrasensory manner and then pulls the pieces into application with intelligence. I'm all for that.

To make a long story short, this woman isn't charging me to help me. Apparently I have a gift she hasn't seen in a while and she considers me an equal to her powers of spiritual awareness. Which is cool if a little unnerving. I mean, I knew, but I didn't KNOW know. Now I do. *shiver*

After talking to her I decided to do a tarot reading of myself. I had a new nifty Froud Faerie deck with awesome-sauce artwork and thought, what the hay? I did all four of their suggested readings. I also photographed them to share with you, because, LOL, they were pretty freakin' on target. As you see these glimpses of me, please keep in mind that I had a lousy marriage and a very rough few years culminating in my move to Michigan for a clean slate. The past is very much on my mind, especially in regard to relationships and work, while I'm stepping out into something new.

Okay, you can read on now.

1. I won't go into the whole how you do it bit, but cards are chosen based on the ones that feel correct to draw (when they are face down), then laid out in an order. This first one is just a one card draw. It's meant to tell you where you are today and where your focus should be as you proceed through the day.

I drew The Joy of the Future. Basically, I'm to look ahead with bright possibilities and the promise of fruition to all the things I've been working toward. That though sometimes there is fear about what lies ahead (see the little scardy dude in the lower left?), it is as easy to fret about the future as it is to live with the hope of joy. It encourages the drawer to look ahead with positivity, instead of negative energy, lest you draw negativity your way. Enjoy now, not those things that haven't happened yet, and know that you are on a blessed path. (Yay, me!)

2. The second spread, is past, present, and future. In that order.This one is a bit trickier. That first card isn't labeled, it is strictly my personal interpretation and what the card means to me as a whole. Which fortunately, I had established before this draw. That card, my past, represents me and the chaos of always trying to fit into whichever mold was placed upon me. It's the imbalance, the crowd, confusion and "head-noise" of my failures, my relationships that aren't peaceful. This to me is a history of toxicity. It's absolutely on target.

The second card is The Remembrance. This is my present. It's me dealing with those things in the past that weigh me down. They are currently on my mind. This card tells me, hey, it's good to remember and learn from those experiences. If I choose to learn and move on, I can leave them behind. Or, I could chose to dwell on them and let them become part of my person in a way that will affect me through the future. This is my turning point and my recognition. I chose to move forward and learn from my painful mistakes.

The third card is The Faery of Growth. LOL. Basically, there is hope for good things in my future. The path I'm on is ready to bud and take flight, ready to start over from old roots and bring out new and promising things. (again Yay me!)

3. The third reading is the whole spread. It's a journey and I'll interpret it in the order it was meant to be given... a spiral. This is a reading about a particular question. Some cards recommend drawing another one to clarify the direction it tells you to take. I'll explain that one when I get there. My question? Will I find a good romantic relationship (I felt soooo silly asking this, but you're supposed to and it was such a needy little question that I actually groaned).

The first three cards are where you are right now. Where you are PRESENT that doesn't involve your past. I drew, The Speaker of the Truth, The Queen of the Day, and another self-interpretation card (again, the meaning already established as a personal understanding prior to the drawing).

The Speaker of the Truth are my current influences. That would be Brownyn, Brynn, and the intuitive. I have a history of people who lie and manipulate me. These three, but especially the first dear two, tell me the truth even if I don't like it. They influence me and help me understand things that I used to believe were relationship truths but realize now, were just lies and more manipulation.

The Queen of the Day is about birth, renewal, promise of good things, joy and shedding light on confusion. (see what I mean? I told you these were on target!) The third card, for me, is about celebration, giddiness, youthful vigor and learning to dream again. It's about finding peace and celebrating in decisions made while keeping a mind to where I've been. I was getting shivers at this point.

It's important to point out that this is EXACTLY how I see my present. :)

Now, in this reading, I can either continue my circular journey and see what obstacles might be in my way and what helps I have to guide me to the conclusion, or, I can drop straight down and find my answer. I chose to continue the journey.

My next card is The Leaving. For any journey, you should be prepared. If you aren't prepared and don't have a "map" or a destination, you take this time to ask. And if you don't know what direction you need to take, you can draw a card for clarification. I drew The Star Faerie. She's about connecting with your environment. Connecting with those around you, your space, your friends, your place in the world. This was important to me, because I just moved and I also just divorced. Reconnecting with friends I wasn't allowed to talk to, music I wasn't allowed to listen to, children who are my world, and my work which I adore is a tremendous gift. Being encouraged to continue those ties means I'm headed in the right direction. I need to keep connecting, meeting, learning, finding my place. That's where my journey begins.

Following that is (LOL) The Big Behind. I love this card because it cracks me up (oo. The Big Behind is a reminder not to go full steam ahead toward your goal because sometimes getting there means turning around and seeing what you already have. Or, the answers are close to home. Either way, take your time to make decisions and stop forcing the issue. This is important to me because as any of my close friends can tell you, when I get a bee in my bonnet, I tend to charge ahead. Sometimes to my detriment. Basically, slow down Mia. Don't be in such a rush. Look around you and make wise choices.

The Green Woman is next and she's my answer card. She's slow rebirth, kindness, gentleness, giving of yourself and treading softly in new relationships. In my mind this is hand in hand with the Big Behind and reconnecting with the Star Faerie. This is the card that once there is someone in my life (and it's saying there will be), take it slow. Enjoy it without rush, and watch it flourish on its own time. It's the greening of a relationship.

Finally, the parting wisdom you take with you from the reading. Mine was The Shadow of the Past. This is an underlining warning about dragging my past into my future and letting it overshadow the things in store for me. I can choose to let it control my journey, or I can leave it behind as nothing more than a lesson. This is my warning. Of all the things that would hold me back, it's this: my past with my ex. Now, how am I going to take this information as I move forward? You can guess, but that was my own moment of introspection. :)

4. The final spread is for Wishes. Basically you make three wishes. I made one and used the others to show me how to get that wish. My wish was for success in my writing career from here forward. In particular with the changes I'm implementing and the new publishing houses I'm taking on.

My wish card was The Lady of Faith. Believing in yourself, creativity, seeking creativity. The Lady of Faith guards the belief in oneself (direct from the book). The second card I chose was The Question. Mine was how do I proceed and whether or not it works, as part of that initial wish. This card reminds me to remember who I am, what I value, and to keep those things foremost as I proceed through my goal of success. That if I'm true to those things, I'll find my way on my journey.

The last card is tricky. It's the Queen of the Night. She's neither good nor bad. She's restful and often requires that you draw a clarification card. She's about yearning, longing, desire with a single focus. I drew another card to read in tandem with this one, and got Bright Spark. Together, it encourages me to proceed with my current goals, staying true to who I am and what I seek, working hard (trust me, writing is hard sometimes) to make them come to fruition and to take my inspirational sparks, no matter how dim they seem, and use them. Trusting myself to make my wish a reality without selling myself short.

All in all, fantastic, wouldn't you say? I know this is a long post. Even if you don't like tarot, I figure it can at least direct your introspection and get you to take time to think about things you've been neglecting. For me, this worked like gang busters. I might even do this for a plot line. :)

Happy plotting... you life, and your books. Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Cool! Sounds like you're really getting things together and moving forward with a solid foundation!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

What a great read - sounds like you. I do Tarot readings also, mostly for my kids and occasionally for myself. You are quite the spiritual being, Mia - lots of guidance available on the other side. Just don't get toooo into it - you have work on this side as well.