Friday, October 1, 2010


I've been talking about this for a bit, but I'm moving! I'm so excited that I just can't shut up about it. I'm heading to Michigan, land of sparkles. Last night I sent of the signed paperwork and deposit for my new digs. I've begun setting up all the little details that will make the move easier and that need advance notice, like handymen and the like. I'm going to have a lot to do to fix the place up. Let's just say my new home comes "as is".

I like the idea of working the new place into something that is all mine. My effort. My sweat. My hard earned dollars. Mine.

I'll have to post before and after pics, if I remember to. I was going to wait until the first week of November. Now, it looks like it might be a lot sooner than that. I have a conference to attend locally in the middle of October, but other than that, nothing is keeping me here. Maybe I'll move before the con and fly back. Hm. Not sure.

Basically, this weekend, I'm not only going to be writing my little fingers off, I'm also going to be packing. Woot!!! Did you know UPS will freight your belongings, packing them for you from door to door? Yep. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of excess shit and most of it will go in my car for the drive over.

Have you ever moved to a fixer upper? What are the most important things you learned and the things you wished someone had told you?


Chris said...


Um. I'm so unhandy... Make sure you wash the walls and ceiling before you move in. I rented a trailer in Orlando (when I was a teen runaway, living on the edge of poverty and homelessness) that I thought had tan paneling. It turned out to have cream paneling, with lots and lots of nicotine deposits. EWWWWWWWWW.

Mia Watts said...

I've cleaned a house with nicotine build up before, as a favor to an old lady who smoked like a chimney. So gross and that stuff STAINS the hell out of everything it touches. Plus, it's poison when deposited on the skin.

Also, you are absolutely right. The place I'm moving to is a trailer. Never lived in one before, but my personal circumstances are not to be choosy. LOL. Also this reflects the joys of people who pirate my work. I can't afford to live anywhere else.

The trailer I'm going to is the former home of two very unwashed men who were big stoners. I'm definitely going to be scrubbing til my fingers bleed. Then painting everything over with Killz a coupla coats.

It's going to be work. Lots of it. I'm looking forward to it though because it will feel like such an accomplishment. As though turning around a sadly used trailer proves that I can turn other things around in my personal life. LOL.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Mia...I have not moved into a fixer upper. But moving in itself is stressful and exhausting so I hope you find a good balance. Good luck in the move and settling in. If we don't hear too much from you we'll understand why but keep us posted on the progress. Happy Moving.

Amber Skyze said...

I agree moving is stressful, especially when leaving for another state. I've been in RI for 6 years and still say I live in NY. LOL DH doesn't appreciate that.
But don't try to accomplish everything at once or you'll only stress yourself out. Take it slow.
New Beginnings. :) I'm happy for you.

Simone Anderson said...

Congrats on the move and the new place.

Use good quality products.

Other than that - Michigan sparkles? It snows, but I don't remember it sparkling.... :)

Sandy Jay said...

Yay! Mia's coming to Michigan. Welcome, Mia.

Simone, the snow sparkles when it's new. The trouble with snow is that it gets old really fast....really, really fast. :(

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Way to go Mia girl! I'm so happy for you and you'll get to be with all your buds! Yay!

Mia Watts said...

I luuuurve the snow. I'm a Minnesota girl, remember? ;)

Also, there isn't a hell-hole bad enough that I can't turn it around. At least where I'm going isn't's just...challenged. LOL.

Rassles said...

Michigan is the land of sparkles?

Have you been to Michigan?

Chris said...

Maybe they're bejeweling the mosquitoes now...

Mia Watts said...

@Rassles and Chris.
They are TOTALLY bejeweling mosquitoes!!! Those things are big enough to take the extra weight. Like freakin' hawks.

The good news is that you can see them coming. The bad news is, sometimes they lose track of where they are, end up in China and the airports there think they are UFOs and start shutting everything down.