Friday, September 3, 2010


(Inspired by a linkity tag on StumblingOverChaos.blogspot today)

Here's a thought: An app that downloads your book selection automatically, every month.

Say you have a favorite author (me! *blink* *blink* What?) and you don't want to forget that there's a book coming out soon. So you load your list of specifications (there's a word for that and I'm totally drawing a blank) to the ap site and every month it downloads to your iPhone.

All new releases for Mia Watts, Siren Publishing Sci-fi, Handcuff and Lace series by Resplendence Publishing, and menage books by Total-E-Bound.

Then you'd always have the latest releases and it would charge you on your phone bill the following month. You could reduce the items on your list or increase depending on you desired spending costs.

Or or or or! You could put your list in and then give it a range of spending like $0 minimum to $25 a month with the top of the list buying first in priority (that would be me, in case you missed it).

I think there needs to be an ap for that.


Amber Skyze said...

Someone just needs to build a Mia Ap. :)

Mia Watts said...


And that's EXACTLY where I was going with that. ;)

Molly Daniels said...

I like it:)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I'd like an auto-download of your books. It would be very cool!

Chris said...

Well, get coding, Miss Thang! ;)

VAwitch_myrrhibis said...

I'd love an app that had the "shopping list". Not the auto-purchase, cuz unless it's a pre-loaded method, that could be Real Bad News. But yeah...

I had to set up my Yahoo calendar so the screen-bar at the bottom shows me who & where. But I know I miss a lot from my faves, much less newbs.

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