Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Back, take two...

Geez Louise I've been gone forever! Do you ever get frustrated that you aren't doing something fast enough? Yeah, that's how this has been. "Hurry up and heal, body. I have things to do!"

One thing in particular---> Releasing a new book today!! WOOT!

That's right. I only realized it at the end of last week. Mainly because my publisher, Total-E-Bound, sent me the Author downloads for Wild Thing. Now that release day has come, I must dispense of the promised contest win copies (Hi, Nikyta! Congrats) and a special one to Jessewave, one of my biggest critics who fortunately also wishes to give me another shot.


Click the link on "WILD THING" above for purchase and to see a short excerpt

So, since it's promo day, how 'bout I post and excerpt you don't see on the Publisher's site? Cool! First go read the one the publisher put up. Here's the blurb:

Jack has known Ryan for years, but he had no idea what a Wild Thing he was.

The residents of small Minnesota town, Libby, are used to seeing Timber wolves in their woods. But the sightings being reported to DNR officer Jack Allen are anything but typical. These reports indicate a huge species of the wolf, and they’re scared.

Having grown up in the town, Jack knows just whom to ask for help, long time friend Ryan Walsh. It doesn’t hurt that he’s had a crush on Ryan for as long as he can remember.

As a wildlife photographer, Ryan lives in the woods and pretty much keeps to himself. He’d be perfectly happy to share that existence with a certain sexy DNR guy. So when Jack asks for his help in tracking a huge wolf, Ryan jumps at the chance to get Jack alone.

But what will happen when Ryan shifts into his canine form and Jack is looking down the barrel of his tranq gun?

(No seriously, go read the first excerpt through the link above otherwise this one will be out of order.)


Ryan put his mug down on the wooden railing, took a couple of steps down. A wicked smile touched a corner of his sculpted lips. “Sounds like you need a tour guide.”

“Right. We both used to play in these woods. Just keep your eyes open for the oversized wolf.”

“Ever think it might be a prank?”

“He’s right,” Clancy decided.

“Did Jenna Frank look like she was kidding when she filed that report?” Jack asked his partner.
Clancy gave him a funny look. “Maybe. Could have been Gentry. A man can put on a fur coat and growl convincingly enough if he wanted to. He’s got a thing for twisted pranks. I can’t see there being a Timber wolf the size of the reports. That ain’t natural. I say you take Ryan up on the offer, spend a few nights hanging out in a pup-tent and catch the bastards.”

Well fuck Clancy to hell. He never should have confessed his attraction for Ryan to his partner. Until six years ago, Ryan had been dating a local guy pretty regularly. His type tended towards lean, wiry men who looked like they belonged on the cover of GQ. Jack looked nothing like that pretty boy.

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Clancy, you keep talking about moving to the cities. You’ll never get there by treating every report like a joke. And boy howdy, do I want to help you leave this place, so pull some professionalism out of your ass and pretend to have a mature thought in your head. Okay?”

Ryan chuckled. He picked up his mug, holding it casually at his side. His long fingers gripped it around the rim instead of the handle. The man had great hands. Perfect hands and wide wrists, and oh god Jack was doing it again! What the fuck was wrong with him? Any time Ryan came anywhere near him, Jack went absolutely daft. It had always been that way. He sighed in annoyance at his fascination with the man.


Chris said...

Congrats on the new release!! And I'm glad it sounds like you are feeling better. :)

Mia Watts said...

Why thank you. Thank you very much! :)

Ahhhhhh.... so nice to be back on the bookshelf again.

Amber Skyze said...

Yay, Mia's back and with a new release. Woo Hoo. Congrats. Going to get my wild on!

Teresa said...

Congrats on your new release!! *pouts* I gotta wait until Wednesday...but it will be mine!!

Kris Norris said...


Mia, darling. I just read the dedication... I have tear stains on my keyboard!!!!

I'm speechless... and you know it takes a lot to shut me up!!!!

Thank you sooooo much. You are soooo getting hugged to the brink of inappropriateness in just a few short weeks...

okay, off to make book trailers.... muuuhhhhaaaawwwwww.

Molly Daniels said...

Happy release day!!! Got my TEB newsletter this morning and saved it until I can get this title on my TBB list. Sounds like another fantastic read!

And now Kris has me curious about the dedication....wanna share? Please?????

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