Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ghosts, I haz dem

Some of you already know this because I posted all over a yahoo group the minute it happened, but apparently, I have a ghost. This isn't the first time, but since the move, it's the first time in a long time and it's doing a lot of the same tricks. I think it followed me.

I didn't publicize the move from an apartment to a house. A year or more ago, when I was thinking about it, I got a lot of mail from one of the blog readers about not leaving my interesting neighbors. However, I did stop posting about them when I left...with the occasional reference to Johnson via memory. Odd, strange, vaguely interesting naked vacuuming Johnson.

I digress.

Yesterday I was minding my own business working (I work from home now. I think I wrote about that? Leaving my job for other employment) when I heard a horrible scraping sound. Now I have tile in the main area of the house and when you push away from the table it makes that same hard sounding wood on tile noise. I thought--reaching for logic straws--that it might be my cat taking a mighty leap from one piece of furniture and shoving it with her back legs as she did so. Except the sound was more prolonged and too deliberate.

Heart racing and thinking about every door in the house I knew I'd locked, I nonetheless called for my cat. She poked her head from behind my window curtain where I'd been working. So it wasn't she. Tiptoeing into the main area, my chest squeezed. A huge leather lazyboy I have had been pushed several feet away from the living room set, into the dining area (all open area) and was turned to face the master suite not four feet away from it.

I decided I'd been mistaken, pushed the chair back into place, and opted not to think about how difficult it had been to push it. I have limitations right now with this surgical recovery. Whatever had moved the chair, was stronger than me. On my way back to my computer, I checked all the doors and windows. Everything was locked.

I sat back down at my laptop in the other room. Not ten minutes passed when I heard the noise again. I reluctantly got back up and went to the main room. The chair had been returned to the other position! This time, I left it. I mean, if it really wants to face that way, okay. I'll stay on the opposite side of the house 'til it leaves.

Someone on the loop asked me if everything was okay this morning. Aside from another bedroom door opening and closing on its own yesterday, I said yes. What I didn't mention was that my shower head was rotated completely around to shoot at the wall/ceiling...something that used to happen at another residence.


How do you fight something you can't see?


Amber Skyze said...

Damn! I'd say the ghost followed you. Let's call Jason and Grant. I live in the same city as them. I'll hitch a ride and come visit one of my favorite people!
Sound like a plan??? :)

Perpetua said...

Well holy crap Mia!! That is some scary shite!!

Sandy Jay said...

Good grief! This is a friendly ghost? Done no harm? Just doesn't like your decorating?Have you talked to it?

Yeah, too many questions. Not really helping. Sorry. But, darn, this is interesting.

Molly Daniels said...

Oh no....shower ghost followed you? Time to call ghostbusters....but Johnson seems harmless. Just remember to consult with him about where you put 'his' chair.

Kathy K said...

Well I'm thinking that if the ghost followed you he/she obviously enjoys your presence. Not necessarily an exciting thought.
You could mention out loud that you don't have the wherewithal to move furniture back and when he/she is finished if they could please put it back?
The shower thing is too weird.. well, so's the chair thing... Sounds like the ghost wants to make your life interesting.

You could pass on that to live in interesting times is more curse than blessing. *checking to make sure everything's in its place*

Chris said...

*Twilight Zone musci*

Mia Watts said...

Molly, that chair is currently in another State. Looks like it found a new favorite.

Yeah, I've seen this one before. He gets nasty after a while. Grr.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I am soooooo not visiting you!

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