Monday, August 30, 2010

Authors After Dark

Do you know about this? It's going to be AMAZING! A bunch of authors, editors, publishers, and readers will all converge in New Jersey (thus making it the ONLY reason worth being in the state *snarrrrrrk*) for a convention. There will be panels galore and book signings and contests and prizes and editor appointments and schmoozing.

Alas, there will also be cameras which I shall have to break systematically if they level on me.

I'm pretty excited about the event. Plus, I'm rooming with Bronwyn Green and Kris Norris!! And plus-er Brynn Paulin will be there and so will Carol Lynne. And even PLUS-ERER there are a slew of people that will make me all awash with awe-sparkles because they are The Ones. One day, when I'm a big girl author, I want to be a The One too.


Now back to my real world again. I'm sipping my coffee from a HUGE mug. It's gone cold but I care not. I've answered all my emails, save the one I'm critiquing for a friend. I'm printing off paystubs from my publishers because I have to keep things organized like that so tax time doesn't get insane.

Then, I get to work on Knight Moves some more. I really like that story because of the misunderstood Andy. He showed up in Reasonable Doubt as a sleezoid, but he wouldn't let me keep him as a sleezoid and wound up becoming rather likeable. Andy seemed to need his own story line so he's getting one and in it...all will be revealed! Besides which, it turns out he's kinda really okay and the guy he's into is everything that Andy needs. I love happy endings.

Back to work!



Chris said...

You are so productive and organized this morning!!

Mia Watts said...

Sounds that way, doesn't it? LOL.

Amber Skyze said...

Organization! I'm jealous. I can't find my desk. I'm sure it's here somewhere under this mess. lol

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I am so excited for your trip! And it won't even be Deep Survival! I'll be at a wedding...ack! Think of me - I'll be thinking of you! Have fun!

Molly Daniels said...

Sigh....I can't go to that one either, so post many many many many pics??????????

Living vicariously through those at AAD and RomantiCon. One of these days I'll meet you all....

Rassles said...

"And even PLUS-ERER there are a slew of people that will make me all awash with awe-sparkles because they are The Ones."