Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am slammed. So, so, so slammed. Ever feel like that tidal wave of cosmic poo is headed toward you at the speed of light and no matter what kind of poo-waders you wear, you're just going to have to hold your breath and pray? Yeah. I got the oncoming poo. Or actually, I guess I'm STANDING in it AND it's also headed my direction.

Don't you just love a stinky visual? I'm a giver.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful and understanding editor (shh, she reads this thing) who is the sunshine of all things that sparkle. She is the light within the sun itself. She is the green giver of earth, tree hugger of crunchy granola splendor, the gentle doe of communication and the whisper of understanding. She is mystical and mighty, but above all these things, she forgives me (that's a hint, Ms Editor) for all my delays because I am the joy of her heart! *ahem*

And because she loves my current WIP, which always helps to motivate me into writerly action.

(is she still looking?)

So *whistling* I'm off to work on my manuscript... No, really. That is NOT Farscape you hear playing the background....



Chris said...

Wow, that was utterly shameless, Mia. :D

Mia Watts said...

Yeah, I'm her speshul little snowflake. ;)

Or rotten coconut, not sure.

Amber Skyze said...

There's definitely a lot of poo around here! LOL You suck up.

How could she not love your work though?

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Suck up ass kisser! I do love your cartoon! Wave of poo! Ick - like the dog poo on my hand last week.

Bronwyn Green said...

I am so painfully familiar with the wave of poo!

I wonder if your editor knows what a suck up you are...but, having read your WIP, I have to agree with her. She's clearly a wise, wise woman.

Kris Norris said...

I didn't know that speshul snowflakes were allowed to wade knee-deep in pooh.... you might want to consider a bath before getting too cosy with her...

But, yeah, your stuff is pretty damn good, so... I think you're forgiven. Can't wait to read the final product....there's not cosmic waves of pooh in it, is there?


Molly Daniels said...

Okay...should have known by that cartoon I was going to need my boots....and whatever those things are called...hip waders??