Friday, May 14, 2010

A Bit About Singapore Sizzle

I haven't been writing romance for very long at all. It's only been
three years (April 2007) since my first erotic sf romance was
published. But I've learnt a lot in those short years. Lots about
writing, but lots about genres as well. And, in that time, I've
started to notice the emergence of romance heroes who are not your
standard, Western, pale-skinned man. Of course, Harlequin have always
had the Greek shipping magnate and the Arab prince but what I mean are
heroes from more far-flung areas, like Central Europe and Asia. And
suddenly, when the call came for contributions to a Cougars and Cubs
anthology from Total-E-Bound, the time seemed right to introduce
Adrian Pereira, a Portuguese Eurasian from Singapore, to a much wider

Eurasians in south-east Asia have a couple of things going for them.
Because they don't belong to any one major ethnic group, they're
regarded as being neutral players in south-east Asia. During colonial
times, the British often hired them as government administrators and
teachers. Also, they're usually quite attractive, due to the mix of
European and Asian genes that course through their bodies, and many
parents still like to classify their children as “Eurasian” due to the
aesthetic appeal such a label conjures up. (If all that sounds a bit
weird, remember that we're talking about a different part of the world
here. This is how it is in south-east Asia.)

So, to have a bored divorced woman looking for adventure in Singapore,
and finding it with a young, handsome Portuguese Eurasian, doesn't
require much imagination at all.

Sophie Woodward, the heroine of the story, is a smart, accomplished
woman finding her own path in Singapore after her divorced husband goes
back to the UK. Singapore is a vibrant city, but Sophie feels an
emptiness that the glitz of living in such a metropolis can't satisfy.
When a well-meaning matchmaker, George Chua, sets her up to attend a
swanky masquerade ball, Sophie decides to take her courage in her
hands and attend, with the idea of spending a no-strings-attached
night with some handsome buck. But when the man she's chosen wants
more, what is she to do?

During edits, the anthology editor, Liz Delisi, and I discussed some
of matchmaker George Chua's vocal mannerisms. I enjoyed writing George
because I know so many locals like him – cheerful, nosey, well-meaning
yet sometimes insensitive with their good intentions. I cringed along
with Sophie when she discovered she was the dinnertime topic of
conversation between George and his family, an admission George made
happily and openly! Although some of the patois is non-grammatical, I
wanted to retain it because that's the rhythm of the region and if
anyone has visited Singapore and reads the story, I hope they'll get a
smile from George Chua.

I also hope readers will like the steady humour and smooth-skinned
sexiness of Adrian Pereira. I could well imagine being tempted by
someone like him, and I hope you are too!

* If you can't think of any Eurasians off the top of your head, how
about Keanu Reeves or Dean Cain?

Singapore Sizzle by KS Augustin

Sophie Woodward is English, divorced, living in Singapore...and bored,
bored, Bored! But is she ready for handsome, exotic, young Adrian

Sophie Woodward moved to Singapore with her banker husband, Tim. But
that was years ago. When they got divorced, Tim moved back to the UK
and Sophie decided to craft a new life in the modern Asian metropolis.

The problem is, things haven't turned out the way she hoped. Although
she has a rewarding career, she's restless, wondering if this is as
good as life gets.

Cajoled into attending a masquerade ball for charity, Sophie meets a
charming stranger and spends the night with him in hot, steamy sex.
The problem comes when he wants to see more of her, and Sophie has to
confront her own insecurities. After all, she's almost ten years his
senior! Is there any hope for a relationship between them? Or was the
sizzle a mere flash in the pan?

KS “Kaz” Augustin is a Malaysian-born writer of romance, science-
fiction and permutations of the two. You can find her website at and she blogs at

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