Friday, March 26, 2010

Lutefisk is not a starship entre

So I'm hanging out on other people's blogs and having guilty thoughts about no writing my own. You'd understand, though, if you went to CHRIS' or KRIS' or JANNA'S and saw what was going on in the comments section. Clearly, there are misguided individuals of loving nature who think I'm funny. They're deluded but we'll allow them their fantasy since I look good in it.

It's being a lot of fun. Chris posted an excerpt of Freeze Frame and a chance to win a copy. Everyone is giving me happy thoughts and sweetness over there. Janna posted a hot and steamy excerpt from Freeze Frame on her blog and then followed it up with an interview. There are computer fixers around the country cursing me for the beverage spray. Sorry. I'm not that funny. It's their fault. Really. Kris has challenged me to a m/m story piece of about 2k for mid-April.

Lutefisk? The bridge of the Starship Enterprise?? RED FREAKIN' M&Ms??? What the hell am I talking about? Commentors are picking from a list of possible inclusions that MUST go into the story I'm challenged with. These are just some of the hairball choices I'm seeing. And we have Kris and Bronwyn to thank for this mess. Geez. Being trapped on a starship with Lutefisk cooking is something no one should have to live through. The smell alone will put you at warp speed... to the porcelain throne!

But I'm a playah! I'm all about it and I can't wait to get my hands on the finished choices. Bronwyn, there will be payback (she told Kris the things which nast me out. She's a giver).

Right. So. I'm off to work and snark on blogs. Ta!


Cecile said...

**Hands in the air and giggling the whole time**

That is all I have to say....

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Mia - your new look is hot! Love the blog and no, I've never tried a lutefisk. Congrats on all your recent releases, sweetie pie!

Chris said...

I have no idea whatsoever how the voting's going to go - people are all over the place. Last time, for the St Paddy's Day story, you could see consensus building.

Oh, and I think that your interview with Janna was timed very well for Kris' purposes. O_O