Monday, March 29, 2010

Dangerous Distraction TODAY

Yep, DD releases today over at Total-E-Bound. Friends of mine are running a contest for a copy of either this one or Freeze Frame. You'll want to check it out if you'd like a chance at a freebie. See CHRIS or JANNA for details!!

Today also happens to be the day that KRIS tells me what my story challenge will be. All those ridiculous selections have been tallied and the most popular choices will be posted. I will have to incorporate their selections into a 2k erotic m/m romance for her to post by mid April. LOL!! CANNOT WAIT to see what the verdict is.

Things that happened this weekend... OMG there's so much to say!

I went to spend the weekend at a family gathering. Because I'm really bad about unpacking things, I had a bag of fantastic sex toys still in my roller case. Since my sister's kids were there, and they are the nosiest creatures I've come across, I had to hide the bag. I did that by sticking it into a cardboard box and putting it up high in the bathroom closet... that only I use. No risk, right?

Not so!

I went with my nieces to play soccer outside. The sun was bright and I called my mother to bring her sunscreen when she brought the picnic basket. She arrived and we had the cream. It was all good. She said she'd looked in my bathroom (the creams and lotions are on the bottom shelf there and towels above) but couldn't find where she'd put the other bottles of sunblock.

It wasn't until close to midnight that I was getting ready for bed when I heard something in the next room over. I tiptoed closer but no, it wasn't there, it was nearer than that. Like in the bathroom nearer. I listened, opened the closet, and with horror, pulled down the cardboard box. Mom had turned on all my "appliances" and left them running!

OMG! Passive aggressive displeasure?? She never said a word. I went to bed blushing but also laughing hysterically. Next time, I'm totally unpacking my suitcase before a trip.

Another awesome thing that happened this weekend was that a younger man (don't worry, he was legal) offered himself to me as a sex slave. MY sex slave. He likes being told to do dirty things. I asked him what he meant and he said anything at all that got me hot was okay with him. I'm not into casual sex, but holy fuck what a temptation that would be!! Totally submissive to my pleasure! That's a slave I wouldn't mind having. Too bad I don't know the guy.

Have a great Monday, everyone. Don't forget to stop by Chris', Janna's, or Kris'.


Chris said...

LMAO at your mom! Fine passive-aggressive form indeed....

I'm going to kick that contest off on Wednesday!

But stop by today - underwear analysts requested... ;)

Cecile said...

ROLFMAO at your mom!!!!! That is hilarious though!!!

A sex slave huh.. and he is legal. Honey you better take that man up on his offer... or what is he offering!!! It's that what we all secretly desire anyway, lol!!!

Thanks for the smiles this Monday morning!

Ebook Addict said...

LMAO - Your mom is hilarious Mia

I wouldn't mind a sex slave of my own I keep asking hubby about this but I get dirty looks I haven't the slightest idea why doesn't everyman want to be tied up and told by a woman what to do ;) hehehehe

Congrats on the new release!!

Amber Skyze said...

LMAO - your mom is too funny.

Hmmm, a young hot sex slave. Send him my way!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Congrats! Wishing you many sales!

Mia Watts said...

Thanks everyone. The guy is pretty nice actually. I've been chatting with him. Hope he doesn't mind this post... hm. Not like I'm going to tell YOU guys if I take him up on the offer. heh.

Chris said...

You're mean. ;)

Molly Daniels said...

(picks self up off of floor and wipes tears of laughter from eyes)

Ditto to what everyone else said!

Happy Release Day...I now have to clean my computer screen and keyboard...

Rassles said...

I would do the exact same thing, but I would leave a note making fun of your ass.