Thursday, January 7, 2010


Remember that crunch time that began this summer and I said, “Oh, in a few months, it will all be worked out. It’s just layoffs”? Remember that? Yeah, Imanidiot. The workload has only increased and my bossman says that I’ve handled the transition so well, that he feels confident he can hold off on disbursing the work since there isn’t money for hiring anyway. Oh, gee, such great validation. And this after he announced (yes, I know the supervisor over him and the supervisor over him and the supervisor over him yada yada yada are to blame here, but it soothes me to blame my bossman) there wouldn’t be bonuses this year. Which was shortly after announcing that only some employees would be getting a pay increase.

I’d like to note here, that of those increased pays, oh…. ALL OF THEM are upper management and not simple work mules like me. The saving grace would be that my bossman didn’t get a pay raise either. So he tells me. When I went in to protest the work without the pay. But, and no I didn’t reason this out for him, my bossman doesn’t actually do work. I do his work. A flow chart of the study might assist upper management in understanding that I’d settle for an increase of half my bossman’s wages and they could fire him, thus saving much needed money and keeping me happy. Wonder if they’d go for that.

As it is, I have a working weekend ahead of me. *sob* Just let me write, people. And maybe destroy all ePirates so they quite ripping off my earnings. Epirates suck. So does corporate America.


Chris said...

Woe all around. :(

J said...

Interestingly,that sounds exactly like my situation at work. We lost some people through attrition when the economy dove, and I was asked to pick up the slack. That was 12 months ago, and now that things have picked back up, I'm still carrying the slack.

And we got no bonuses.

And we got no raises. I haven't had a raise in 25 months, but I worked 400+ hours of overtime last year.

Corporate America is great. I feel your pain. But, Colossians 3:23 is always there.

Rassles said...

We also get no bonuses, but I DID get a surprise raise last year,

I say you need to just deal with the stress of falling drastically behind in your workload. No, I advice against that. I would rather do unpaid overtime than deal with that horseshit.