Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tattooed bloggage and quiet moments

Yesterday my friend, J, commented that he's worried my work load will burn me out. I want to put his mind at rest (as opposed to "to rest" which sounds morbid and kinda scary). My day job is monotonous. It's brainless work and busy stuff. My writing is freedom to run and just like any job, we have deadlines we must meet. My writing deadlines are like that. It's my job. I love it and there are things which must be done in order for the "company" (Mia Watts, Inc.) to function, to cover the overhead. Some deadlines are harder than others and some I procrastinate over. I always get the job done, though.

So fear not. I do load my schedule, but I can handle it.

The blog design... well, I like it. It's not super sexy and sizzlin' and that's okay. Sometimes *gasp* I wear sweats and tee shirts. For real! I even have days (when no one sees me) where I don't wear make up and my hair is in a ponytail. I sweat when I work out and I smell like garlic and olive oil when I cook dinner. It happens.

I feed my cats and squat to clean their litter box--never a good, look at me be sexy, position. I like art of all kinds and tattoo art is one of those things which appeal to me.

Since the blog is an extension of my lifestyle... even the quiet bits I don't always share with everyone... the tattooed backdrop is as eclectic as I am to the topic at hand.

I hate to disappoint, but I actually don't walk around in stilettos, wear cleavage enhancing wonder bras, flash my lacy panties, or give come-hither smiles all day long. Sometimes we're sexiest when our hair is down and we have mascara smudges under our lashes.

I like my night shirts oversized and my pajama pants flannel. I like going barefoot in my home and the feel of my body unfettered by a bra and hosiery. Sometimes I giggle at stupid jokes and call my friends on the phone when a television show messes with my head (*ahem* Bron and "Dollhouse" OMG!). And sometimes, there's nothing better than cuddling close to your guy just catch that man scent at the base of his throat.

J, honey, you know I love your opinions. Never hold them back, but even after this long, it appears you have some things to learn about me or my image. ;) Gotta love your enthusiasm. Wanna cuddle?


Jambrea said...

lol Great blog. I worry about mine too, but I think it fits me, even if it isn't sexy. Kind of like yours. :)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I like your new look. I don't need sexy. To be honest, there's only one blog I check on occasion for the nekked pictures, the other blogs I check to read the blog. Sounds crazy, I know! I like it - it's sort of Japanese cartoon-like! Mine ain't sexy either. It's way sweet and if there's one thing I'm not, it's sweet, except to children, animals and old people.

Bronwyn Green said...

You are multi-faceted and wonderful. One of many awesometastic things about you.

BTW...did I fall asleep?

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

I thought the new blog look was kinda cool. Shrug. Keep it as long as YOU like it, then get a new one.

Mia Watts said...

"Only for a little while."

Mia Watts said...

yes, I like the funky look. I'd never put these things on my body, but I like looking at them and being all awed.

Chris said...

Iz bright!

Molly Daniels said...

Thought maybe you were simply channelling your inner flower child??

I need something colorful on mine. Tips on how to do it, please??

Amber Skyze said...

I like the new look, even if temporary. :)

Anny Cook said...

I like it because it isn't sexy. I cannot tell you how many blogs I have to minimize when the gkids are in the room... so hey! This is my kind of deal.

J said...

Overly defensive comments:

It appears I've been misinterpreted. But I think it's great that you have so many supportive admirers and friends.

Just to clarify, I would never, ever presume to say that I know you well. We've never met, and no matter how much text one exchanges over the internet, or how long you read someone's blog, you can never really know someone from a distance. It's always the illusion of someone, the someone you want them to be, not the person he or she is.

For example, I was convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that you did indeed walk around in stilettos, lived in push-up bras, and dressed in nothing else beyond a thong and fishnet stockings. I am crushed to learn otherwise.

I would not suggest that you need to have "naked male booties" in your template for it to be sexy. Certainly sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

I was under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that this site/blog was geared toward promoting your work, not yourself or your image. My comments were geared towards that based on the presumption that this was a site geared around promoting and marketing erotic literature.

In my opinion (not that I get paid to design and build web sites or anything) it's not in keeping thematically with the material you're trying to promote here. In some fantasy world where I am a professional web designer, or were I being consulted on the site (which I'm not), that's what I would say. I offered my opinion from a business perspective, not from a "this does not reflect who you are" perspective.

Is it unattractive? Nope. Is it uninteresting visually? Nope. Does it reflect your personality or personal tastes? You chose it, so it does. It's visually discordant.

My two cents, plus a quarter, with a buck fifty thrown in on top.

I will now don my flame-retardant Dr. Dentons.

Oh, and I'm always up for a cuddle.

mwv: derophys
I've got nothin'

Mia Watts said...

Love ya, J. You got me thinking about what it means to be sexy. I figured I'd use you as a jumping off point being that we are all more than our body parts.

Not that you're paid to do websites and all... heh.

Hey folks, I didn't mean this to be a J-fest. He's really a great guy and offers a Male perspective. I like razzing him and poking some fun because he can take it... OR CAN HE??? OMGOSH YOU'RE A TOTAL INTERNET STRANGER. HOW DO I KNOW YOU DON'T FREAK OUT RANDOMLY???

*open arms* C'mon and cuddle J. Let's get a whiff of that manly scent. Um. After a shower??

Fran Lee said...

Gee, makeup...wander around sans bra and wearing a ponytail...doing silly stuff instead of working every moment? I KNEW I had an astral twin...LOL!

J said...

I'd just like to add that smelling like garlic and olive oil while you cook is definitely sexy. Sausage and fennel, not so much.

And don't worry, I can take it. And give it back. A J-fest sounds like fun, in the proper context.

This brings up an interesting topic, in a round-about way. A significant portion of your writing is M/M or some combination including M/M. Who do you see as your market for this? Straight women? Gay men? Gay men in denial? Gay women?

I can fairly easily project who is the demographic for M/F and F/F (or am arrogant enough to think I can). I'd love to see demographics on your audience, but I'm assuming those type of (accurate) statistics are hard to come by.

Mia Watts said...

couldn't tell ya about the F/F crowd, but the M/M readers are dominantly female. More than 80% for sure.

J said...

I find that interesting. Men obviously have a reputation for the "two women are better than one" attitude, which most straight woman profess to abhor. But I've rarely, if ever, met a woman who expressed M/M interest on a sexual level. Maybe the gender is irrelevant to the romance/sexuality of the story, or do woman really get turned on by the idea of two men getting it on?

Mia Watts said...

Hm. I think it has something to do with a double dose of alpha males who can't stand not being in control. It's hot.

Taylor Tryst said...

Love it, Mia. Very bright, very you. Keep it, change it, rotate it, whatever you like. That's the great thing about these...we do have the ability to change them with our every whim!