Monday, December 14, 2009

Mia' Grammy Awards

I am listening to some eclectic things on my cell right now. Music, that is. I thought I'd post them here, because I'm curious what you all are listening to and I feel like we should break down some barriers, yes? Why not...

1. The Con (Tegan and Sarah) - interesting sounds, interesting inflection. I like them... a little.
2. Fireflies (Owl City) - just discovered this song and I love it. The chorus catches me.
3. Toxic (Britney Spears) - because I like the plot potential.
4. Sober (Pink) - I feel this way sometimes. Not about sobriety, but why people can't show you how they truly feel about you when you're with others instead of treating you like crap.
5. Strange Disease (Prozzak) - because I f*cking love everything they put out.
6. Hot n Cold (Katy Perry) - I know guys like this.
7. You Belong with me (Taylor Swift) - I'm trying to understand the teen wangst over this one.
8. Yeah! (Usher) - Seriously? OMG, the whistling makes me hot. I don't know why.
9. Umbrella (Rhianna) - The chorus. That's the only reason.
10. Rockstar (Nickleback) - again. The teen wangst. WTF?
11. Not Fair (Lily Allen) - I love Lily. And truly if you go down on a guy, he ought to return the favor.
12. My Immortal (Evanescence) - Because when you give everything you have in a relationship and it ends, you have a reason to mourn.
13. The Fear (Lily Allen) - See above and because it's damn amusing.
14. Get the Party Started (Pink) - everyone needs to believe that THEY start the party.
15. Hips Don't Lie (Shakira) - It's hot.

So what are you listening to and why?


Chris said...

How can I resist this? Music is one of my passions. I'm listening to a playlist cleverly entitled "Good Stuff 2009". A few songs from it:

1. I Could Be With Anyone (Kevin Devine) - I love how he totally loses his shit at about 2:00 minutes and starts to scream.
2. Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other (Willie Nelson) - Willie Nelson. Singing about gay cowboys. Hello.
3. I Go Like the Raven (Dave Carter & Tracy Grammar) - A sprightly song with a paranormal bent.
4. Addicted to Bad Ideas (World Inferno Friendship Society) - Isn't the song title enough?
5. Texas to Ohio (Damien Jurado) - "From Texas to Ohio is to long a walk, even if it's with someone you love. Five miles in the walk, you already wanna do them in."
6. The Dark (Romantica) - It's just such an impassioned, romantic song, recorded at the State Theater even.
7. For What It's Worth (Placebo) - I heard this song on the Current and loved it and needed to own more Placebo music. Right. Now.
8. Kingdom of Rust (Doves) - Another song I heard on the Current and the stark desolation of the lyrics just sucked me in...
9. Fresh Blood (Eels) - He howls. Hello. Too bad about the scary beard.
10. My Favorite Chords (The Weakerthans) - "The mayor's out killing kids to keep taxes down." (Yeah, I am so weak for lyrics...)
11. Hey World (Don't Give Up Version) (Michael Franti) - Because you need hope, even if you like depressing music. :)
12. Brother's Blood (Kevin Devine & the Goddamned Band) - Awesome lyrics and a voice filled with raw emotion.
13. Not Your Lover (Blitzen Trapper) - Piano. Harmonica. Lyrics.
14. Yours Truly, The Commuter (Jason Lytle) - Love the simple beginning and how it just swells at about 50 seconds.
15. Buzzer (Dar Williams) - OMG, a song about those evil social psychology experiments!
16. First Blood (The Chrysler) - "I'm not ok, and this is not what I intend to do - just a thing between me and this sheet of paper."
17. Housewife (Jay Brannan) - "Two bodies pressed together. Two boys are falling hard. The smell of sweat and leather. A kinky greeting card."

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Eclectic list--yet somehow very YOU. I'm listening to my alternative holiday music collection. Things like "Don't come home for Christmas" and "Christmas Night of the Living Dead."

Mia Watts said...

Holy shit, Chris! I've never heard of any of those! I'm going right now to find them!!! Thanx.

Cindy, and ironically, also so you! :) Saw the tag after this was set. I'll post the meme tomorrow.

Molly Daniels said...

My favorites right now are:
-If You Only Knew-Shinedown
-The Great Beyond-Linkin Park
-I'll Never Let You Go-Steelheart
-What About Now-Daughtry (okay; ANYTHING by Daughtry!)
-Hinder (anything by)
-And I have a strange desire to listen to Britney Fox and Cinderella. Must moving back into a rock/metal phase in my music listening.

Love Fireflies!

Chris said...

Um, yeah, I've always sort of marched to the beat of a different drummer for music. My path was set back in junior high when I was listening to David Bowie (in the 80s) while my peers were listening to Hank Williams Jr and Foreigner. :)

Julia Barrett said...

Well...My tastes run the gamut from Mozart to Tupac and I go on music jags. Right now it's rap - mixes my daughter made me - a little Gnarls Barkley, and some alternative folk-rock like Ingrid Michaelson.