Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I heard that...

Voice. Julia Barrett commented on voice yesterday. That's one of those elusive things that doesn't have an easy explanation. I heard someone once say that it was the way a story is told.

If J (yes, you) tells you the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, it might be the same story but it would be told differently than if Regina told it. Now, knowing Regina there would be that shape shifter element and some steamy, heart touching sex. For J, Little Red is probably into World of Warcraft and she'd beat the shit out of the damn wolf and earn points in the process. I suppose mine would involve the Shape shifting, moody wolf and the strapping Woodcutter. Little Red might get involved to spice things up if she wore nothing under that sexy little red number, but basically it would be soulful alpha male bonding and rough sexual dominance.

Kind of like my version of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves coming out this January. Mine is called Open Sesame and is Alister Baban and the Four thieves, complete with the evil scheming uncle, Cassmier. Poor Alister and one of the thieves... that's all I'm saying.

Voice is so difficult to pin-point. Hard to qualify that kind of thing, isn't it? Since it's part of who you are and your ability to tell a story or tell a joke, I guess you have to just shrug and say thank you. It's flattering when people say that, but I have no idea what it all means in the scope of possible voices. Here's to fate.


Regina Carlysle said...

There really aren't any NEW storylines. They've pretty much all been done before and it's only our "voice" and a little twist here and there that makes them different. Voice is like a fingerprint, isn't it?

Julia Barrett said...

When I read you, I hear your 'voice'. I hear Regina's voice. It's a true voice. A book won't resonate with me if the voice isn't true. You said my name!!! Makes me happy! And yeah, I'd kick his ass for sure and then go find a man to dominate me.