Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Work has me on a series of business trips this week. Just returned from one and am about to leave on another one. It would have been good had they permitted me ample time to do laundry between trips. I suppose this means they will foot the bill for laundry services in the hotel? Oddly, I am not hearing the audio blip from a musical: "They goooot the muuuuuustard OOOOUUUTTTT!" Feel free to name that clip in the comments.
My latest road trip resulted in the need to purchase a new cell phone. My former beloved dropped dead on me so off I went in search of a new product. Though I found better deals with Sprint, my needs and travel destinations don't work well with Sprint and I refuse to use Verizon. AT&T became my carrier of choice. I also discovered the joys of touch screens and QWERTY keyboards and limitless internet usage and email access and photos and videos galore. I love my baby. If you are in the proximity of a Best Buy, take a look at the Samsung Impression. It's cream worthy. How have I lived without this little beast of convenience?

I'm working on Faery Surprising, still. I had hoped to complete it before last week but the out of town business swallowed my time. This new trip will likely do the same but there is no reason to believe I won't be nearing finished or completed by this time next week. And my editor rejoices!

I've decided that the next project will be the one temporarily titled, Liam. My releases (I'll have two) are already written and awaiting edits for January. Liam comes out in March (?) and Freeze Frame in February but I'm more interested in breaking up the Faery line with something a little different and quick to work out. Liam is a short for Total E Bound based on the "I Kissed A Boy (and I liked it)" parody.

Do you primarily work on one project at a time, or do you have bits of things going constantly? If you have bits, does one take precedence or do you find that they are works completed at roughly the same time?


Amber Skyze said...

I work on bits. Whatever mood I'm in. But one always takes precedence and gets finished first.

The new phone looks cool!

Molly Daniels said...

It depends. Sometimes I can work on two or three simultaneously; other times one storyline grabs my attention and won't let go until the muse is satisfied.

Rassles said...

Once more, with feeling.

Mia Watts said...


I usually only begin another ms when I'm stuck and on deadline. It's a new thing for me though.

J said...

I have a theory, it could be demons. A dancing demon... no something isn't right there.

Anny Cook said...

I have multiple works in progress so that when I hit a roadblock in one, I move to the next while my head works out the reason for the roadblock. Therefore, no time lost.