Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you feel the love? lemme give it to ya.

How do you wind up getting a book for free? Without even trying?? Easy!

Mind F*cked comes out October 27th. Buy the book from Open the download and inside you'll find an acknowledgement to Kimberley of Lady S Party along with a code. Go to her website, listed in the book ( find pretty new toys that do cool things like vibrate, bind, pinch, light up, sooth because either need them anyway or need to replace (you naughty toy abuser). Then when you go to purchase AT THE WEBSITE ONLY you enter the special code you found in the book.

Two things happen:

1. You bought your new toys for 25% off, which effectively returns the cost of the book and hey, you wanted new toys anyway which you also got discounted.

2. You get covertly entered into a drawing for a prize basket (your choice: Girl basket, Boy basket, Couples basket). The winner from the prize drawing will receive their choice by Christmas this year!!

You don't have to purchase to win the basket! I will be holding a contest in November as a promotion for my book release of She's Got Balls on the 17th. Stay tuned to this site and contest entrants will be added to the drawing with those who have used the code from Mind F*cked. Same prize baskets apply!!

BONUS BONUS (channelling Little Sleazers Pizza):
If you don't like male/male romances--that's all right! Why? Because the book following Mind F*cked in the series is a standalone story with a male/female romance. However, because it's part of the series, Kimberley has graciously offered to add her special code to it. When you buy a copy of Faery Surprising, December 15th, from you will find the purchase code where I acknowledge Kimberley's awesome contribution. Once again, you'll have the opportunity of getting 25% off on a purchase, recouping your book cost and providing you a lovely discount!

That's right (I'm such an info-mercial)!!!! Use the LadySParty code and Kimberley will give you 25% off EVERY purchase until AUGUST 2010!!! This discount offer is exclusive to the buyers of Mind F*cked and/or Faery Surprising.

Have a good read. Get inspired to play. Purchase things you always wanted to try or need to replace at a hot discount and basically get the cost of your book returned to you through your savings.

And remember to stay tuned to this blog for the chance to win your choice of three special toy baskets in time for Christmas.

Do you feel the love?

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