Tuesday, October 13, 2009

15 days and counting...

Along with trying to update my website and failing miserably (half-naked dudes on the homepage and fire on the background tile for the other pages... WTF?), I'm having a manic hurry-up-and-write moment for my December release. I suppose it doesn't help that I intend to take a bit of a vacation in about two weeks.

What was I thinking?

But here's the deal. I have a book release coming out. MIND F*CKED releases October 27th. It has a fantastic gift inside which negates the cost of the book when you do your math. Also, I'm participating in the Dark Diva Reviews sexy Halloween contest (you reeeeally ought to see earlier posts on my blog to see if I've posted the jpeg yet). Among the giveaway options is this new book. Imagine the savings and fun to be had!

An excerpt of Mind F*cked? Why yes, I suppose I could.

Stunned by erotic mental whiplash, Sage Harper jerked like he’d actually been slammed against the white bathroom tile for a quickie.

Oh shit. Here we go again.

Cool water scooted soap bubbles off his hands. Sage turned off the faucet and searched the mirror spanning the men’s room for the culprit. Five open doors, one slightly ajar, and three unattended urinals reflected back. Images of hands clawing at Sage’s shirt and his belt buckle rattling to his ankles came to him in rapid-fire succession. The suggestion of climate controlled air tickled the hairs on his body as though he stood completely naked in someone’s fantasy.
Sage grabbed a paper towel, jerkily wiped his hands and threw the wadded paper into the garbage. The prick has to be in here somewhere. Only proximity and the frequency of heightened emotion could transmit an image this realistically.

“Hello?” Sage called.

Invisible fingers tugged at his cock. The magic was strong. It bounced off the walls and magnified back at him. He closed his eyes, trying not to be distracted by the filmy layer of fantasy that washed his human vision.

The slap of hand wetly sliding on cock and accompanying grunts led him to the last stall. Sage pushed open the already ajar stall door. A young blond man with a hoodie leaned against the wall, his eyes closed, getting off to the fantasy in his head. The fantasy he projected to Sage unwittingly.

It was Sage’s gift, bestowed through the trickery of faeries on the children born of a mortal and faery union. Half-breeds taunted with their partial birthright. A half-gift for a half-breed. As abilities went, it had been fun when he first hit puberty, but the appeal died within the first year.

Fucking sex-crazed lunatics inhabited the mortal world.

And here is Mia, wondering if Lord Dunsany ever wrote about erotic fantasies. Hm.


Julia Barrett said...

Great excerpt. Can't wait. Just bought 4 of Lord Dunsany's books. I'll let you know...

Rassles said...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy one of your books. I have yet to decide which one. And this is the first time I've ever considered reading an erotic romance...but you're just too good with the teasers.

Mia Watts said...

heh, thanx Rassles.

Julia, I'm pretty stoked too actually. It's been a while since my last release. *ahem* That sounded bad.