Tuesday, September 15, 2009

possible sequel

As I mentioned yesterday, I am looking into the possibility of writing a sequel for Bad Boys. The first released earlier this year and I've been surprised by four requests for another book involving Mack and Geo. While I supplied a Happily Ever After in the first book and tidied up loose ends, it appears there is some curiosity to the mechanics of that happy ending after the end of the book.

Jen, in her review, specifically wondered what crazy antics would occur when the men came out to their families and Mack's little sister discovered that the object of her crush was in love with her brother? Since both men were straight prior to their relationship, what kind of adjustment would they have to make after they committed to one another for the long term?

I decided these were all valid questions and petitioned my publisher (Total-E-Bound) and my editor (Michele) about a second book. There was interest! Michele promptly responded with a request for my proposal, which I sent. However, like all great companies, TEB does prefer a signed contract and there is paperwork involved in that as well. So I submitted my request, formally, along with a proposed back cover blurb and it has been sent off. If and when a contract is offered, I will certainly let you know.

The suggested release date (if all goes according to plan) is June 21st, 2010 for the tentatively titled, Reasonable Doubt. My proposal read thus:

Contemporary Erotic Romance, M/M genre

Dubbed “The Twins” by the department, Mack and Geo not only look similar but depend on one another to get the job done. Unexpected and mutual lust almost cost them their jobs.

Geo’s pretty sure his feelings are for real, but he has reason to wonder about Mack. Formerly straight, Mack came into their physical relationship full of doubt. Facing down their families and their boss may just break him, especially when Mack’s ex-girlfriend is transferred to their department and she isn’t interested in staying forgotten.

Mack’s apparent indecision hurts. Mack and his ex are getting cozy while Geo’s patience is running out. Maybe he was wrong and his brief relationship with Mack was nothing more than an experiment. Maybe he should fuck that guy from homicide and call Mack an aberration in judgment.

The partnership is in trouble. Ex-girlfriend, new interests, a dangling career which can’t sustain another hit, a drug-related murder, and coming clean to his family have left Mack with reasonable doubt about where he stands with Geo. If Mack takes the next step and comes clean to his family, will Geo join him or will he leave Mack hanging like his other conquests?


Amber Skyze said...

Good Luck with the proposal. I know I'd love to read a sequel. Loved Bad Boys, Bad Boys!

Regina Carlysle said...

Yes. You should definitely go for it.

Jen said...

See, this is a prime example of why I should wait to comment until I'm all caught up in google reader. I would have just commented on this post. LOL. But, alas, you get to hear from me twice!

I think your proposal is excellent! I love your ideas - what a great concept with the ex's influence on their lives. I can't wait to see where you take them.