Monday, September 28, 2009

musk o' mia

not to be confused with jack o' lantern. In case there was some concern.

October 1st begins a big month for all of us.

1. I'm participating in the Dark Divas Review Blog contest, offering up a free download of any currently released book by Oct 31st, and two fragrances designed by and for me, but sent to you (Mia and Mia Afterdark).

2. On the 27th I'm releasing Mind F*cked from Resplendence. It's a m/m book which is first in a series of five. They will all stand alone and do not have to be read in order as the storylines don't overlap. I did this because of the five, there are two m/m, two m/f, and one menage story. I didn't feel readers of one genre should be forced to by another genre if they chose not to.

3. Kimberley agreed to work with me and has provided me a special code hidden inside Mind F*cked. This code allows the user to purchase items off her site at 25% discount for the entire year. Do you realize the savings you 'll receive on your necessary play things? She's been incredibly generous and I encourage you to check out her website immediately.

4. I joined up to help promote 1RomanceEbooks (see the banner to the right on the margin?) where you can look for a growing catalogue of books for download. It's all in one place for your shopping convenience. The list grows daily there. Feel free to come here and link over any time to discover new authors and new releases.

Enjoy the gifts and giveaways!

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Amber Skyze said...

Looking forward to the contest!