Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Errors in Judgment

taken from the Evo blog where I post every Wednesday.

I've been scrubbing my brain for something mistake-ridden which I could post here. There isn't much I'd admit to in a public forum.

1. Underestimating my free time while overextending myself on projects. Not to terrify my editors who I know read this blog, but I'll be pulling all nighters to get my work in timely. Fortunately for us all, I schedule my turn in dates well in advance of their turn in dates. This shortens my timeline but keeps the editorial staff out of the firepit.

2. Forgetting to buy coffee. Huge error when you require wakefulness to write and have a life outside of laptop-land.

3. Relationships which inhibit some part of you that you like. In this case, writing. Sometimes you don't have a choice who is in your life. Sometimes you do. Make those choices wisely.

4. Thinking the Internet will only take a moment. It won't. It is a greedy whore that's incredibly jealous of your writing time. Unfortunately, you can't break up with her completely because you work with her, but you do have the wherewithal to refuse her admittance to your writing home.

5. Writing. Yes, it can be. Just as you need to have an environment for writing which is sacred, so must you have a life to refresh your creativity. Watching people is critical to characterization. Living life is critical to plot development and experiential training.

6. Never. Not ever, should you think you know more than someone already in the industry. Probably wise not to do the same for the newer talent. I don't believe I've made this mistake but I've certainly seen it done. You only make enemies and yourself-to borrow from a friend-an asshat.

7. Turn the bloody alarm clock off before you sit down to write. I add this because it just went off into a rendition of the Titanic theme song and now it's annoying me. Must get up. Shall be back in a flash.

8. Don't forget to eat. Your computer doesn't mind but your mind won't compute. I forget constantly then wonder why I can't concentrate.

9. Don't piss off your editor. Yes, I've done this. Do I really need to explain why this is bad? Fortunately they are forgiving souls and will only mention my impertinence every so often.

Numbers 10 through 253,987 are not printable here. Good luck to you.

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