Thursday, September 10, 2009


I don't have a clue.

Really, I don't. Have you ever played Bullshit? You lie about what's in your hand and try to catch others in their lies in order to win a card game? I never win that game. I'm told my expressions give me away. That I'm easily read.

At work I handle a lot of data. I've done several things for several departments and am usually called upon to handle special projects. While I do a lot of little things well, it does not signify that I do every aspect of every position well. After all, I'm a specialist of one area not several. Those who've gone through the training for their areas would know better than I, so it would seem.

Yet I am baffled by the amount of stock placed in my opinion. If agent contracts aren't being paid appropriately on the back-end, wouldn't you see a back-end specialist (These exist. I'm not making this shit up. Pardon the pun.)? Wouldn't you ask the processor or the supervisor of that department about procedure instead of me?

I find that if you behave as though you know things, people believe you. It is directly proportional to the confidence you exude while delivering your opinion. Considering the scope of the things I'm asked, you would assume a game like Bullshit would be a simple undertaking since I can convince others that my perspectives are correct.

I've decided it's because the others want to believe me. They are so busy looking for validation of their own beliefs that they ignore any tell-tale signals my expressions give off. They want to be right. Or they want me to take responsibility for the decisions they should make. Either way, I'm calling Bullshit.


Julia Barrett said...

I've actually heard of the game, never played, but I can lie like a rug if I have to. However, I suspect there's more to this than meets the eye!

anny cook said...

With enough confidence you can carry off anything. It works especially well with kids...