Monday, August 24, 2009

Writing woes

My latest work has me in a bind. I'm wondering whether or not a male hero internally waxing poetic about sea glass is realistic. The situation is post coital and he's laying pieces of beautiful sea glass on her body. It catches the light... and sea glass has been something referenced a few times in the book. However, my critique partner pointed out that most men don't get philosophical about color, beauty, and the anointing of light when there's a naked woman sprawled out before him and he's just had her. I suspect my critique partner is correct. What say you?

I'm also debating whether or not the neighbor who saw them (and knows he was seen watching them) should make an appearance toward the end of the book. This isn't a series and the neighbor is most definitely interested in females. My decisiveness is faltering with this one.

While I tie up loose ends, I'm also beginning work on Faery Surprising this week. It must be so, for it is scheduled on the almighty calendar. I mustn't deprive the calendar of my sacrificial finger blood. It makes my computer (and my editor) cranky. Further, I've discovered a nuisance. I had completed a blurb for She's Got Balls which finally pleased me. Now I cannot locate it. Odd since I save everything. I've checked all my folders, done a search of the hard drive, reviewed my cover request (which has one on there, but not the good one) and I've yet to find it.

Ah! The calendar. Perhaps I put it there! I shall check... *please hold*

Annnnnnnnd.... CHECK MATE! I've found it.

Right. Off to work or some symbolance of it.


Amber Skyze said...

You're critique partner may be on to something. Besides the fact that most men are color blind.

Julia Barrett said...

The only men I know who really get into color and design are gay, although I could see him liking the way the glass looks against her skin.

Rassles said...

Is he really supposed to be like most men?