Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here's the opening of my very unedited Melting Melinda short story for Total-E-Bound. My editor has not yet seen this, and I'm awful at self-edits. But, here's my current project: A cougar story for an anthology about older women and younger men.

Melting Melinda
Out January in an Anthology by TEB

What can I do to make you come?” Ethan asked, his voice low and teasing.

Melinda George rolled the stemmed water glass between her fingers. Moisture glistened like tempting diamonds on crystal. One clear drop slipped down and splatted on the web of skin between her finger and thumb.

She stared at it intently. So much easier than meeting Ethan’s gaze across the linen laid table. She licked her lips wishing she could twist his words into a flirtatious come-on, but she couldn’t. Not with Ethan. Not with her best friend’s son.

“Nothing,” she answered, finally. “Your mom already tried to talk me into going but I just can’t.”
“But you love the beach house.”

Melinda glanced around the restaurant, begging Karen to hurry up and get there. Waiting in the romantic setting, across from Ethan, tempted every womanly cell in her body.

Off limits, Mel. Way off limits. Hurry up, Karen, before I eat your boy alive.

She chanced a look at him and nearly groaned. “Uh, stuff. Just, you know, stuff to do and things.”

Ethan’s slow smile melted her insides. “Stuff and things? Sounds really important.”

Care to share the first few lines of your current project?


Amber Skyze said...

Can't wait for this to be available!

Mia Watts said...

Thanx Amber. Melinda doesn't hold a chance at resisting.

Rassles said...

So what have we learned, today? You are good at what you do.

Mia Watts said...

Thanx Rassles. Writing is my life. If someone wants to read it, all the better.

Julia Barrett said...

Okay, yummo.