Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Review for Bad Boys through LoveRomancesAndMore, assessed by Tina. Thank you, Tina!


Geo Wilson isn't gay, so why is he having dreams about his partner Mack? During a drunken stupor Geo kisses Mack. To make matters worse, when Mack brings him home, he tackles him giving him pleasure he never imagined.

Mack isn't gay either. So why did he enjoy Geo's touches and that kiss? The partners can't seem to keep their hands off each other during stakeouts. This could spell trouble for their careers, when they lose sight of a suspect. Their boss isn't happy but is willing to give them a second chance. Will this newfound fondness for each other be the end of their professional lives and where will it leave their friendship?

Whew! If you're into M/M then I must say Ms. Watts is your writer. BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS keeps you wondering what they're gonna do about their attraction for one another. I found myself drawn to Geo from the moment he sat on the barstool. Following him while he battled the demons of his attraction for another man, was a must for me.

The way Ms. Watts weaves a tale of romance and adds a hint of suspense had this reviewer looking for all her books. BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS won't leave you disappointed. Dubbed `the twins' in the book, Geo and Mack both share the same looks and are very manly.

BAD BOYS BAD BOYS is a quick read, but it will leave you craving more. This reviewer highly recommends this book for lovers of M/M erotica.

WOW. I'm on a happy buzz.


Molly Daniels said...

Congrats on the review:)

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Excellent review! Really nice, Mia.

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NICE job, Watts!