Friday, July 17, 2009

A thanks to readers

Day five and I still can't shave my legs. The sunburn is that bad. I'm that pale. Now my legs are hairy and must be hidden. I have no qualms with blaming the weather man as there could be a lawsuit for poorly determining what effect indirect rays would have on my skin.

According to my publishers, sales are taking a hit. All of them are effected and I can only guess that the retched economy has finally caught up. Where months ago, ebooks were preferred over print books (cost, gas to go purchase), and ebook sales did well, they are now suffering the result of extended period job loss and financial strain of its readers. I will choose to ignore piracy as a major culprit. At least for today.

Therefore, many many thanks to the readers and writers who purchase books anyway. Your hard earned money into entertainment you are confident we can provide you is humbling and appreciated.

Don't feel much like blogging at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow I shall.

Long live the drudgery of the 70 hour work week.


Rassles said...

Keep truckin', lobster legs.

Amber Skyze said...

Damn that sucks! Hope your legs feel better soon.

Molly Daniels said...

Due to this economic hit, I've not been able to buy any books since MAY! Hubby just went back to work, so maybe in another week or so I can get back on my reading schedule.