Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting weekend

I reworked that exchange of dialogue I posted from last week. Sage is still unhappily hard, but it had to happen and Joe is perfectly comfortable at the moment. Sage gets his next. If I'm reading the development right, there is approximately 6k left to write.

Had a review on Claimed by Darkness which caused me to chuckle. It appears my plot use of DNA in the book created much confusion for the reader. She'll be pleased to note that book 2 will not have similar scientific speak as Lothar is all action.

Other shit: Was asked this weekend to participate in a menage. Apparently my friend's husband wishes to see me naked, wants to watch me and other friends skinny dip, and says I'm "sexy". If I were the only female in a male sandwich, I might consider it. However, girl on girl has never appealed to me beyond a kiss and light petting.

Which reminds me: For excellent music and DJ Silver in particular. She's a little kinky and much fun as is her DJing fiance, Master Dark Crow.

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Rassles said...

Well, fucking work it. Look at you.