Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dear Auntie Mia

Comment (Jennifer Madden): You need to get that poor man off! Have you plotted out your next project? Maybe it's not that you don't want to finish this one, but that you don't want to start the next one. Yay on the kiss, as long as it was a good one.

Regarding Sage: I've left him in limbo again. He is half-way through self-gratification at the moment but I'm hinging the next bit on how the love interest behaves. Tricky, tricky.

I believe my last line was:
“Is that what all the hype is about?” Joe asked. “That is what you think everyone in the world wants from you? Fine, let’s see it.”

Sage kicked off the sleeping bag, seamlessly pumping his cock.

Which actually strikes me as quite rude and unappealing. I'm going to have to rework this. Or Joe is going to have to work Sage. Hm.

I haven't plotted my next work entirely. I generally don't as it makes the project somewhat unappealing. Finding out what happens as I go along also isn't my bag and I have a guideline I follow. She's Got Balls, I've mentioned already. The one after is titled Faery Surprise though I'm not in love with the name. FS is about Sage's sister. It's premise:

(m/f erotic)Flora can’t get anywhere on time. It could have something to do
with the faery gift which transports her at the most inopportune moments. Once,
naked in the middle of a sexual encounter, she found herself relocated to a
professional football locker room after a game. Still panting and completely
frustrated, she’s not amused when one of the players wants to finish the job.
But he’s willing to fight for her, if she could just stay in one place long

I'm preparing several proposals at the moment with more news to come. Most m/m authors tend to stick to m/m works and I've been advised to do that. I prefer to mix things up occasionally. This series will have five total books. Two are m/m. Two are m/f. One is menage. All are erotic. All standalones (which means you can read them out of order and/or never read another book without missing any plot points). That way m/f readers don't have to cross over into m/m readership and m/m readers don't hunt me down for writing m/f.

I'm debating whether or not to delve in to m/m historical erotic fiction. Any thoughts?

The kiss was excellent. There have been repeats of same. I suppose I should officially introduce myself.


Amber Skyze said...

LOL - It might be time for introductions!

Jennifer Madden said...

I don't know. Maybe not knowing his name adds to the suspense, intrigue. Hmmm...
As for historical erotic, I don't know. Don't generally read historicals, but maybe you could spice them up enough to make them interesting...

Mia Watts said...

I don't do anything without spice. No worries there.

I think for now I'll keep my silence. He knows who I am and I kind of like the anonymity.