Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Modifications, necessarily

Have no intention of making blog a receptacle for commentary waste. While all opinions and debates are welcome, and respected, this blog is primarily a means by which I connect with fans, readers, and others within the writing industry. For my part, I appreciate open banter and communication, however I must also respect the sensitivities of those visitors who are less free with personal information.

I have changed the layout including blogger avatar accordingly toward a more neutral forum and would encourage lurkers to join me in discussion regarding any and all aspects of the writing industry.

Why? Because I adore entertainment. There is nothing more entertaining than other people.

What topic interests you? Have a question? Would be interested in seeing an interview of--a cover artist? Cover model? I shall snap my fingers to acquire them.


Rassles said...

The new layout looks good.

Mia Watts said...

Thanx Rassles. I was beginning to feel rather 'ho-ish. LB nailed me on IWFTYA. Good call, her.