Saturday, March 14, 2009

Contest for Free copy: Bad Boys (m/m)

Contest: Post to comments your most outrageous significant other experience. Don't care if m/m, f/m, menage, what-all. Funny, crazy, stupid all count. Selection of winning comment will be made by third party (without names provided to sway judging) and free copy of Bad Boys awarded Monday. Deadline now through 11:59pm March 15th.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys ( release 3/16--Monday)

“I need to get you home, buddy. You drink another, and you’ll pass out like you did last time you got deep and ponderous.” Mack stood.

Geo stood too although the room tilted. He felt the solid comfort of Mack’s arm around his back. Geo leaned in. Mack smelled good. Damn him. Fuckin’ A. Geo stumbled, his feet feeling like bricks though he didn’t think he’d had that much to drink.

“Only had four beers,” Geo grumbled.

“Six. And no food.”

“Fuck that. I can drink twice as many and still walk a straight line,” Geo argued.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m driving you home. ’Cause you’re sober and steady as a surgeon.”

“S’right. I love you, man.”

“Yep. Totally sober.” Mack grinned.

The cool air hit Geo square in the chest. He sucked in sharply and blinked when his eyes suddenly watered in the brisk November wind. He turned his face into Mack, bumping his nose against Mack’s temple.

Mack eased him into the passenger seat and fastened him in. His fingers grazed Geo’s hip, and it was everything Geo could do to keep from shifting his pelvis to force an ‘accidental’ touch to his cock when Mack withdrew.

Geo unfastened the belt.

“C’mon, man, I just got you in.”

Mack leaned over and re-belted him. Geo inhaled traces of piny scent at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Without thinking too much about it, Geo slipped a free hand around Mack’s far shoulder and tugged.

Mack looked at him, instinctively.

It didn’t take more than a subtle lift of Geo’s chin to make contact. His mouth moved over Mack’s. Mack remained motionless, in retrospect, stunned. Geo sank into him, parting and capturing lips as buttery soft as the coat Mack wore.

He tasted the brine of beer and sweet cola. Something salty, too, like peanuts filtering through the dark erotic depths of his hot, sensual mouth.

Mack shoved Geo’s shoulder, knocking him against the seat. “What the fuck, Wilson? What the—Shit! What kind of fucking—Dude, you are fucked up!” Mack retreated, slamming the car door.

Mack muttered and paced, hands on his lean hips. He shot accusatory looks at Geo and ran his hands through his hair a few times. Long sexy fingers, dark satiny strands of hair. Fine ass.Geo leaned back. Yeah, he’d totally fucked up all right, but damn if it hadn’t been amazing.


Anonymous said...

ok Mia I hope like hell this is the right place.

Ok I have been pondering and pondering what to write about... there is the fact I learned to deep throat and swallow like a whore when I was 11yrs. Or the fact I knew when I was in High school that I was a submissive and the only way I would ever have sex with a person was to be “forced” willingly into it.. I will leave out the fact that when I turned 21 a man 18yrs older then I was and I had been messing around for weeks and he backed me against a tree while I was dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl in the woods and fucked me for the first time ever semi against my will.. However the kinkiest thing I can think of was a few months Later... I and this person went into this Huge Catholic church while they were holding confessions... Again I am dressed in a plaid Skirt above my knee’s... white thigh highs with a black bow in the back... a white button down shirt with a silver cross around my neck... Shiny Mary Jane shoes off white sweater and pigtails with a bow finished the outfit. I was asked to go into the confessional with this person and to confess my Sin while I sat on His lap and He fucked me. That Might be Dirty but the dirtiest part was when the Priest opened the window so I could confess... He had me bent over and was pounding the hell out of my ass... Do you want to know how hard it is to NOT make a lot of noise? Needless the Say the Priest got an Eyeful... I was a good catholic girl confessed my sins and left the priest with Blue Balls... I never went into that church again... I am very surprised I wasn’t arrested and I have had sex in more open places without the cops showing then Carter had liver pills. I was a whore who would do it any were in any way with this guy till I Got preggie.. then I stopped being a Nympho for a while… needless to say old habits Die hard and I would tell you about my latest but my FiancĂ© of 7yrs doesn’t know and I did some pretty far out things in places I should have been caught.

Molly Daniels said...
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Anonymous said...

Molly Don't feel bad I use to be a whore.. Wait the Jury is still out on that.. when i was younger i thought i couldn't never get caught.. truth is i could i just got lucky and didn't.

Mia Watts said...

Ah. Here is where I indicate that illegal copulation and sexual references will not be provided to the judge.

My apologies. Should have been more clear. Additional commenters, should note that humorous, stupid, and ridiculous activities: including skydiving naked or five friends licking a frozen pole, also highly encouraged.

Would remind that Blog is public domain. Take care with TMI as would not want anyone to suffer for their free disclosure.

Thanx for the comments thus far.

Anonymous said...

Its Not Legal to have sex in a Confessional Damn.. Now i have to think about it... All my Fun stuff was Public or risky..

Mia Watts said...


Molly Daniels said...

How's this? I was awakened one morning to a phone call; a male friend of mine was clearly drunk, and knew my birthday was the next day. He says to me, 'I'm your birthday present; how do you want me wrapped?'

I said (knowing full well he probably wouldn't remember anything),'How about ready, willing, and able?'

So he says okay and he'll call me later in the afternoon.

I waited until 1pm and called him, asking if he remembered making any phone calls at 5am.

He hadn't, and asked me to 'Please don't tell my girlfriend?'

His secret was safe with me:) I never told my boyfriend, either.

Yeah...I've led a sheltered life!

Haha...WV is 'tatifyin':)

Molly Daniels said...

I guess I should mention I did fill him in on the details when I called him! He was sooooo embarrassed!

Anonymous said...

My First Three some with another woman was nothing to laugh at..

my Best friend Tia and I in College had a guy friend who i dated but He was crushing hard on Tia *so was i* Tia and were skipping around the mall holding hands while our Friend Wayne was following us.. We Got in Line at Wendy's Holding hands.. Tia and i Looked at each other and Kissed dead on the lips tongue and all.. Our friend was standing behind us when we did this and whimpered.. So we turned to Him and BOTH grabbed him around the Neck and kissed Him at the same time on the lips lots of tongue nipping and sucking.. The Old Lady behind us has a Heart attack. No Lie!!! My First time making out with a girl was in a Mall in Line and with a Guy too.