Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Surprised on Monday.

Went into work to find note laid on keyboard. Said: I know you drank my diet Coke. Since I made sure my name was on it with a sticky note and (underlined "and") rubberband, I fail to understand why you would steal from me. But Terry (don't know who Terry is) said she saw you. Kindly replace my drink and we will pretend this never happened".

Am considering a note on empty can in break room with reply: "Damn. Got thirsty again."

Don't know who Terry is but must string her up as liars deserve no less. I'd not steal a diet Coke. Diet Dr. Pepper is entirely different.

Note to self: "Mia, locate Terry. Put rubber band around her neck and staple sticky note to her forehead with message: For best results, snap rubber band repeatedly."


J said...

Drinking diet soda seems a lot like drinking non-alcoholic beer. I don't get the point. If I want something with no calories I drink water.

Clearly Terry is a code name for "Terrorist." You undoubtedly have an office terrorist plotting to disrupt the harmony in your otherwise idyllic environment.

wv: sayboxi

Mia Watts said...

Do you suppose she is popcorn eater? Have discovered several Terrys working here. Various spellings apply. If note writer wrote correctly, there are two Terrys fitting the spelling. Have more research to do before her discovery is made.

Carbonated bubbles tickle my tongue. Water just sits there. No substitute.

Gypsy said...

Someone wasn't loved enough as a child to covet their Diet Coke so.

Edmee said...

Hey Mia, something came to my mind. do you have an introduction somewhere? A little bio or something.

If yes, please give me the link and sorry for asking.

If you don't have one then write now.