Sunday, August 24, 2008

People Watching

M has woken my new obsession with people watching. She's an interesting subject, but there are many worthy "insects" on my floor for my watching pleasure. I shall introduce the players for you.

M: long, straight brown hair. No makeup and usually wearing solid earth-toned colors. M doesn't talk to anyone that I've seen, but seems to harbor the hope of immediate sex. Will explain in later blog (by far, M is my favorite subject to date). Mousy but not unattractive if one actually looks. She walks around with a book under her nose. I saw her once with a book in her hand and looking up at the elevator numbers. Once and only time that occurred.

T: short, african-american with shoulder-length hair. Dimples on either side of mouth. Mother had a sense of humor. She is named after a favorite Mexican liquor with a worm. I heard her laugh in the hall with a friend when she confessed her sister is named after a Mexican beer (C), pass the lemon. C does not live with T. T lives alone. May be a student at the local U.

Mi and his mother Ma: Mi is late twenties, curly blond hair and appears to have blue eyes. Not sure, will have to investigate. Blushes whenever I greet him in elevator or at mailboxes. Ma, pushy and workaholic. Mi and Ma share an apartment at opposite end.

Will watch for other building people to make an appearance. Should be an interesting study.

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